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Monday, August 30, 2010

"The Rich Life" and "Bodeci" do Napa!

I am so very bad at being sick!  I had to cancel my birthday "hang-out" with Adrienne last Wednesday because I felt so slow.  I almost bagged out on her again today, but got an email from her this morning saying, "Yipee!...I have no time constraints.  Give me a ring when you are ready to go..."  That is all I needed!  My head cleared up and I was ready to go at 1:30.  We were on our way to Napa!

On the winding drive over the Cavedale grade, we discussed everything from what I should do with my hair to husbands and writing our blog.  "Should I change the name of my blog?"  I asked, "Everyone has such cool names for theirs."

"No way!"  said Adrienne, "'Bodeci' is my new word!  It means..."  (We'll get into this later.)

Adrienne taking a picture of me. You can see the other side on her blog
  (Gosh, she is so gorgeous! But, I love her anyway.)

She took me to one of her favorite restaurants, the Rutherford Grill, in, of course, Rutherford.  But,  we are supposed to be on a budget!  (And she's my teacher!)   She said, "I'm not cheap, just selective.!  Can anyone live like a freaking miser all of the time?"  HELL NO!  We both agreed.  "What I want people to know is that I am choosy on how I spend my money."

While sipping fresh squeezed grapefruit juice and Kettle One vodka cocktails, we dined al fresco.  We shared grilled artichokes, a seared yellowtail sandwich, 'very wild rice' salad and heirloom tomatoes with fleur de sel.  Awesome!!  Our waiter, Tad was a great guy.  Don't you just love it when you feel welcome at a fantastic restaurant?

With our tummies satisfied (we don't do 'full') it was time for a bit of shopping.

We had fun at Dean & Deluca's looking at the price tags.  Ouch!
I still haven't been tutored in the art of Hermes scarf tying.
What should I do with my hair?  Cut it really short again?  It is so much easier for my profession.

What is 'bodeci'?

 Bodeci is the beautifully woven basket I bought at the farmer's market I use to harvest my vegetables with.

Bodeci is the faux patent leather shopping/ picnic bag I purchased at Dean & Deluca's.  I will use it as a my everyday bag and more!  (There are compartments for two bottles of wine and a cell phone.  Very handy!)

Bodeci is eating mostly healthy vegetables and fruits.  (This is my 'salad sandwich with fresh strawberries.  All from my garden.)

And the occasional treat....

We didn't eat these, but we did share a gelato!
Bodeci is knowing when to say, "let's go play hookie!"

I love my girlfriend, Adrienne.  We are kindred spirits!  Thank you for such a fabulous day!  (Any thoughts on what I should do with my hair?)

Now, find your 'bodeci' today!  You want to hear more?  Go to the rich life on a budget.

A New Perspective

My nest is once again empty.  I didn't have to cook my kids favorite meals.  I didn't even have to go grocery shopping if I didn't want to.  I decided to wait until Saturday to shop for groceries and house hold provisions.  And, we ran out of everything including laundry detergent by Friday evening.  I had to get real creative in the kitchen last week.  Randy has always said I cook the best meals from virtually nothing.  (Is that a complement?)   It's a darn good thing I froze those over-ripe bananas (for making smoothies) so I could feed my new Gecko, Duders (or is it Dooders?a little something.

Great trick.  Freeze over-ripe bananas to use in smoothies!

It was not easy to get this photo of Duders.  He was hidden, sleeping inside of his tree.

I am trying to budget.  My goal is to try to spend only $50. or less each week and do the major shopping once a month.  We'll only need to supplement the perishables, such as half and half (I refuse to skimp on my one to two cups of coffee in the morning) and bread, since we have most of our own fresh produce, get our eggs from our friends and do not eat much meat.   We are also on a kick to eat unprocessed, which means we didn't buy deli items like sliced turkey.

We spent $220. at Trader Joe's, $305 at Costco and $15. at our local fish market, Santa Rosa Seafood/ Old Wharf Smokehouse.  (946 Santa Rosa Ave.  707-280-2285.)  While at the fish market we sampled their smoked salmon.  Delicious!  Afterwards, Randy took me out to lunch to our favorite Mexican restaurant, Las Palmas (415 Santa Rosa Ave.  707-546-3091).  Randy had their fish taco plate and I had a simple tostada (knowing Randy would offer me bites).

While we finished our Corona's I said, "Thank you so much for taking me to Mexico, honey!"  To which he replied, "You're welcome!  And we didn't have to deal with going through customs!"  The fish tacos were absolutely fantastic!  I think the best I have ever had.  We complimented the chef, Alberto, and he mentioned there had been a write-up in the Press Democrat about their fish tacos.  No wonder!  We spent $23.

Anyone know how you are supposed to wear a Hermes scarf?

After Mexico we went to Paris (the post office) to pick up the Hermes scarf Randy bought me on Ebay for my birthday.  While driving home I said, "Holy Cow!  It's all about perspective, isn't it?"  Randy was totally on my wave length and said, "It sure is, baby!"  We felt rich and decedent!  We didn't have to deal with airports or transfers or crowds.  We didn't have to worry about getting lost.  We really were on vacation!

When we got home, we put everything away as fast as we could, then sat outside with a cold beer.  We marveled at the beauty around us as we played with our dogs.  Then, we took a nap!  At around 4:30, we went to a party at a beautiful home with a view of our entire valley.  My cold had people a bit nervous, so we left early.  Randy made me get in bed and he served me dinner!  (Tell me he isn't a sweetie!)

We wore out Rocky.  Boomer is still running for the ball.

We woke to another beautiful day!  We breakfasted on raspberries in our garden while we harvested our vegetables.  Right now, Randy is slow cooking a turkey breast on the BBQ and I am making chicken stock with a whole chicken that we will use for tacos, risotto and sandwiches later in the week.  I'll use the stock for my Negative Calorie Soup.  My soup is the anchor to my Bodeci lifestyle.  (Don't forget, I have to get rid of 14,000 extra calories.)

Freshly harvested vegetables for my soup.  Homemade chicken stock and chicken to use in recipes.

I love to cook when I'm not under pressure.  Relaxes me!

Randy tasting his BBQ turkey breast.  We'll slice it thin and use for sandwiches.  Yummy!

Have a bit of vacation in every day!  Even if you are on a budget!

Saturday, August 28, 2010


I am awakened by my cat, Tickles, at 4:50 this morning.  She wants to be sweet and cuddly after a week of being stand-offish.  I assumed she was miffed that we had added a new pet to our menagerie, Duders, a Crested Gecko.  I did not want Duders but GianPaolo couldn't keep him in his dorm.

I spent a few hours learning about the Crested Gecko and discovered they can live five to ten years with proper care.  I almost felt a stab of nostalgia at the thought of Duders not living to see my sixtieth birthday.

Having just read Fiona's blog on her upcoming fortieth, I realize how time does fly!  I was just forty a few days ago.  I remember Randy hosting the party for me and all of my friends and family came.  My dad was at this party and he was only sixty-two.  How old would he be today if he were still alive?  OMG!  He would've been seventy-six on August 9th!

Forty was great, but, I am in a different place than when I was forty.  I'm a bit simpler.  Maybe it is because my boys are becoming men and I want to afford them the best opportunity for their future adventures.  I have been really working on my rich life on a budget as I cannot afford to spend the way I used to.  Putting them through college is terribly expensive!  But, this day and age, one cannot afford not to go to college even though it is so unaffordable!

I can live simple.  At least for now!  I have a whole lot more time for living big, if that is what I really want one day.  I have my health, I have my family (and their health!), I have my pets, I have my home, I have YOU!  I am rich beyond measure.

Friday, August 27, 2010

My Favorite Bodeci body Recipes

First things first, vegetables rule in all recipes.  Check out my  Bodeci Negative Calorie Soup from the recipe archives.  

These two recipes may not seem appetizing to some of you but I love them.  I guess it's a matter of taste for food that is whole, raw, organic and mostly vegetative.  Alter them according to your tastes.  The idea is to create meals made with 50% non-starchy vegetables.  (Now, I can't live without them.  Get them anyway you can!)

Zucchini flower pancakes with yogurt dip

Organic Zucchini Flapjacks with Raspberry Couli
Serves 2
2/3 cup oat flour or whole wheat flour
2 Tbsp. oat bran
2 tsp. baking powder
¼ tsp. salt
1 tsp. sugar (less if using Splenda)
2 eggs, beaten
1 whole small zucchini, finely shredded
¼ cup milk
Mix dry ingredients in a bowl. Mix wet ingredients in a separate bowl. Turn skillet on medium to pre-heat and spray with a non-stick cooking spray. Combine dry and wet ingredients. Add more milk if needed to make the consistency that of pancake batter. Pour batter into skillet and cook 2-3 minutes per side. While flapjacks are cooking prepare couli (recipe follows). Serve flapjacks topped with couli. Garnish with a few whole berries.

Raspberry Couli: Microwave 1 cup frozen berries for 30 seconds. With a fork, mash the berries and add a little sweetener to taste.

I personally prefer the taste of savory to that of sweet when it comes to food.  So I adapted this recipe to suit my savory tooth (and the zucchini flowers are optional).  

Simply, do not add the sugar and add approximately 2 Tbsp. each finely chopped onion (I like scallions best),  red bell pepper and grated Parmesan cheese.  Sprinkle in and mix 1/4 tsp. dill or other favorite seasonings and salt and pepper to taste.  Once you have poured the batter into skillet, press flowers into batter and cook according to above.  

Yogurt dip:  1/4 cup Greek yogurt and a few splashes of red pepper sauce (I prefer Crystal).  Yummy and pretty!

Negative Calorie Meatloaf

This one was topped with Panko and Parmesan cheese.  Get creative!

Makes approximately 8 four ounce servings
Calories per serving: 114

1 lb. ground turkey breast, free range preferred
1 egg or ½ cup eggbeaters
¼ cup breadcrumbs, rice, or crushed rice cakes
A dash of soy sauce
2 Tbsp. tomato sauce
1 cup finely chopped vegetables (the same stuff as in the Negative Calorie Soup if you wish; use a food processor for best results)
I used "Trader Joe's 21 Seasoning Salute" and salt and pepper.  (Use your preferred herbs and spices.)

Mix all ingredients and shape into six to eight patties and cook or put in a loaf pan and cook at 350 degrees as a meatloaf for approximately 35 minutes.

Ana's Chocolate Kaluha Cake

Ana happened to have an extra hunk of Chocolate Kaluha Cake on her person one day after class and insisted I take it home with me.  I wanted to eat the entire moist, dark, chocolaty desert while driving home from class.  I nipped a bite; you can see it lower left.  

So, I asked my lovely student, Ana, if I could share this recipe with all of you.  and she replied: 

"Absolutely! I changed it up to be healthier.  I use dark chocolate for everything!

package of dark choc cake mix
package of dark choc pudding (small box)
2 cups fat free or light sour cream
3/4 cup and a smidge more of non fat plain yogurt ( I like Mountain High not bitter)
4 eggs ( I use egg substitute 1 cup)
6 oz ( or more) choc chips
1/3 to 1/2  cup or more of Kaluha (I like Kaluha so a little more for me. lol)
Combine in bowl mix it all up until well blended. Stir in choc chips. Pour into well greased ( I use the spray) and floured bundt pan. Bake at 350 degrees for about an hour.

Mind you I have changed it to reduce the calories, however, it works for me 'coz I can eat more with less guilt!!! LOL Have a great day"

So what is your weakness?  Share your fave recipes.  

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I Hate to Exercise and I Eat Cheeseburgers and Pizza, Part 2

Last Thursday I wrote a blog with the same title because I'd gotten a comment from a  woman saying she didn't like to exercise and often ate what her young boys ate; cheeseburgers and pizza.   She wanted to lose those ten pounds she felt when wearing her snug jeans.  And, she'd like to firm up and feel strong.

They look like they are having a good time.

Many women and men do not care for exercise nor do they like to have to eat mindfully.  If most people liked, let alone loved to exercise, I wouldn't have a job!  It is my experience that a lot of people do not desire exercise and yet, they would prefer to exercise.  Their preference to exercise is because they know it is beneficial to them for many reasons.  We have desires and we have preferences.  Most often they are not the same!

She trains the "Biggest Losers".  Hmm..

It is no wonder so many bristle at the thought of exercise with health and fitness magazines displaying unrealistic covers of youthful hard bodies that the vast majority find intimidating and beyond their ability.  I think of TV programs like "The Biggest Loser", with six-packed trainers who scream out orders to their obese and weakened clients to workout like gladiators.  It is terribly humiliating!  It has been my experience that when one goes from "zero to one hundred" with exercise and diet, they eventually cave and go back to old behaviors of binging and non-exercise.

What class is she teaching?

My weight loss/ fitness winners have always been those who've learned new behaviors to create their current lifestyle gradually.  For example, Helen and Luba, featured in past blogs, have made fantastic changes.  If you ask either woman if she thought she would be as fit as she is now, they would absolutely say "NO".  Ask them how they "did it", each would say they began by doing the minimum they knew they could do.  By not overloading themselves with should, shouldn't, can, can't, good, bad, right or wrong, they stayed with their program.  The single smartest thing the "exercise drop-out/ mindless eater" can do is to begin developing new habits that net a positive result.

Natural Muscle?

I always look like this when I workout.

If you think the only way you will be able to get into shape is to subscribe to the "standards" you see on those TV programs or in a fitness magazine, it is no wonder you never make the commitment to make those positive changes!  My recommendation:  Start with my "5 minute workout" twice a week (or something similar).  The next week, add a third day (preferably alternating).  On the third week, add a ten minute walk (or something comparable) twice weekly.  And, on the fourth week, increase your walks to fifteen minutes.  Don't even think about dieting!  Instead, simply give up eating those foods you really don't care that much about.

Men's Fitness?

Do you see a pattern?  Take it in small doses, do it consistently and make sure to have a positive feeling about it after!  Let yourself win at fitness!  You can make your program one that works for you!  

Tomorrow I will have some of my favorite lean recipes you won't believe lean!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

So, You Want Your Mate Aboard Ship?

"What can I do to get my husband (or significant other) to lose weight and get in shape?"

I have only one answer, NOTHING!

I am kidding. Sort of.

I hear this all the time, "It is so hard for me to stay on track because my husband just doesn't give a hoot about his fitness."  Or, "I love my girlfriend, but she just gets mad at me when I suggest she not eat the chocolate bar."  (Hey guys, bad move!)  "My husband was in the best shape when we got married.  Now, he's at least fifty pounds overweight!  I nag him every night"  (This method NEVER works.)

Spouses or "significant others" do not seem to have much influence with their loved one when they want them to lose weight and/ or get in shape.  It is almost as if your partner works against your wishes for them.  One of my clients told me how she'd prepare a healthy, light dinner her husband loved only to find potato chip crumbs all over the couch the next morning.  Obviously, he wasn't trying to hide the evidence.

My husband at the airport.  No discomfort!  He's a lean, mean, fighting machine!  (And, he gains weight when he snacks on crap!)  He loves feeling fit!

My advice is not to nag or make suggestions.   Our mates really do not want to hear it from us when it comes to their fitness.  Unless they ask for your opinion or advice, do not give it!  I'll bet there are a few of you out there who've already tried this approach.  How many of you have had any success with it?

Here are my three rules for you to help your mate to get in shape:

     1.  Most men (and women) want to fix their mates problems.  So, make it YOUR issue!  This is easy. "Honey, I've been trying to lose (five, ten, fifteen) pounds and am so frustrated!  What do YOU suggest?  I really need your help right now because those cookies in the pantry call out to me all day long.  It is hard to resist!  Can you help me?"  Men are fixers and have hero fantasies, they will offer a few suggestions and all it takes from YOU is, "Can you do this with me?"  Soft, gentle and non-judgmental wins every time!

     2.  Most men are visual (and women, too, when it comes to food or seeing an attractive fit woman!) Out of sight, out of mind!  If you are the "gatekeeper" in the family (the one who buys the groceries) you can easily NOT purchase those foods your MATE will imbibe on when you aren't around to judge him for it.
        3.  The emotional/ intellectual approach is also a winner.  There are a number of people out there who could give a rat's rear end about their own fitness, (or YOUR desires for them to have a healthier body) however, their children or a good buddy rank high when it comes to motivating them.   Daddy just might train to get in shape for his kids activities.  For example, if his sweet daughter has a field trip to Yosemite to climb Half Dome or his son has signed up for baseball, he is more inclined to get-In-shape for his treasured children than for himself!   And, a friend will have a bigger impact with your Mate than you.  Just don't be sneaky and put his friend in an uncomfortable situation.  A simple, "I love my husband so much I want him to live a long and healthy life.  How do you stay motivated?" is enough. 

    I am interested so in this subject.  What do you deal with when it comes to your partner's fitness?  

      I took this photo of a guy at the airport.  He was extremely uncomfortable!

      I know it is hard to get off your Mate's back and allow your Mate to find his or her own motivation for a fit lifestyle.  But, YOU will not succeed by taking over their life!  You will succeed by loving them and being patient.  (And by keeping crap out of the house!)

      Why do we "let it go" after we're married or living together?

      Tuesday, August 24, 2010

      What Inspires Me to Keep on Moving!

      I woke up with a tired, achey body.  I had felt a cold coming on for the last few days, and wouldn't you know it, as soon as I have the house to myself, I feel yucky.  I didn't feel like doing anything including training my clients, but I knew I had to.  I needed some kind of shot in the arm to get me motivated.  Before going to work, I read fellow a bloggers post and thought about what inspires me.

       Marchelle, my Bodeci Body of the Month, was my first client this morning.  She inspires me every time I work with her.  She started coming to me for fitness training about two years ago.  She was beautiful and slender, but felt weak and lethargic.  She also had severe imbalance issues as a result of losing her L-5 nerve due to bone cancer.  (The first doctor she went to said there wasn't much they could do and gave her a few months to live!)

      Marchelle doing "dips"

      The L-5 nerve is responsible for the muscles of the glutes (butt), hamstrings, calf and the muscles that flex and extend the foot.  Almost all of Marchelle's butt and right leg became numb; she referred to it as 'being asleep'.  She also had drop foot, a condition making it difficult to walk.  What first inspired me about her was her decision to have the strongest body of her life, without limitation.  (Here I had been complaining about a stupid cold!)  Her list of goals included:
      • More energy
      • Better balance
      • Overall strength and endurance
      • Coordination
      • Get back on ski's

      Marchelle saying, "Hurry up and take the picture!" while performing squat/ rows with the "TRX straps".

      I haven't seen many work as hard as Marchelle at her fitness program.  She has improved 200% from when she started with me.  The strength in her right leg has increased 200%!  Marchelle has toured Egypt, Spain, Italy and has gone skiing since we first began.  She has a lean 17% body fat and she is in her fifties!  (She is wearing her bikini to a pool party this weekend, maybe I'll get a picture!)  Today she said, "I wish everyone could feel as good as I do!  I am just so lucky! 

      Oh, by the way, Marchelle will live to be a very fit old lady!

      Time for a little break!

      I felt like having something sweet, but there is absolutely nothing in my house with sugar in it that I want.  I decided to make my yogurt plum sauce parfait and do what Adrienne did with her popcorn; dish up a serving and put the rest away.   

      This cup was my Grandmother's.  I love it and use it a lot.

      I served it in grand style.  I drank water poured from my pretty blue wine bottle and enjoyed the treat slowly.  Nice break!

      Do something that makes you feel good today!

        Monday, August 23, 2010

        Fifty and Fabulous! (Now What?)

        I turned 53 on Friday.  (Thus, no posts for a few days.)  Finally, with my sons back at school, my house is once again quiet and organized.  I even tossed the Cocoa Puffs the other crap clogging my cupboards and fridge.  Of course I miss my sons, but, like them, I have a life and I am one year older!

        They're in the trash!

        Often I will have women of my age group asking why they are now seeing fat around their thighs and mid-section even though they still workout as hard as they ever did.  I really know this one!  I have this four pound thing going on and I am sure I haven't changed the way I workout or eat to create this.  So, what gives?

        I haven't changed the way I workout or eat.  That's what!  As we age, we need fewer calories and we need to spice up our exercise routine a bit.   Our bodies get used to doing the same things over and over.  In order to see changes again, I'll have to do something different, I have to confuse my muscles!  It is time to take the routine out of my workouts!

        Let's say I jog forty-five minutes six days a week and weight train for an hour three days a week.  I could continue this routine and maintain my body.  But, in order for my body to make changes, I need to change up my program.

        I teach my weight training class so I won't change the time I train, but I will make it more intense and perhaps create more variety in my program.  I may even use slightly heavier weights or perform more repetitions for certain exercises.

        Instead of jogging for forty-five minutes, I may do interval training instead, jogging for two minutes then sprinting for thirty seconds.  Maybe I will do this for an hour four days a week and hike steep trails for two hours on the weekend.  What I am getting at is to do your regular workout differently.  The idea is to shake it up and get creative; take a new fitness class or meet with a friend whose fitness level you admire and workout with her.  It is time to think outside the box and look for something new!

        It took Marchelle (Bodeci Body of the Month) about eight weeks to get rid of her excess pudge from vacationing.  She did so slowly and by following the 10, 100, 5 plan!

        The other component is diet.   Even if you eat super healthy, too many calories of any food will create excess fat.  All food has calories and healthier calories are definitely best, but our bodies only need so many calories to function.  At 53, my body needs less than when I was 43 or 33.  I am now probably eating half the calories I did when I was 23!

        I know nobody likes to hear this, but if you are looking to rid yourself of excess fat, it is also time to eat fewer calories!  Nothing drastic, just a little less of the junk and a little more of those non-starchy vegetables.  I am committed to getting rid of my four pounds of fat and I know I will have to be more mindful of what and how much I am eating.

        Even too many apples can create excess fat.  Eat to live, not live to eat!

        I know what it's like to feel tight jeans and I know I have to cut back on the extra calories and ramp up the workouts a bit!

        Thursday, August 19, 2010

        I Hate Exercise and Eat Burgers and Pizza

        I wash my own floors.

        If you had read the comment from "What's Her Bucket" on Mondays post, you may have identified with her.  Maybe not.  All I know is the world is full of diverse and unique people.  I've gotten to know many bodies in the thirty-some years as a fitness professional.  There is no doubt in my mind that there are a percentage of people who are uncomfortable while exercising, just as there are those who are uncomfortable unless they exhaust themselves with exercise regularly.

        Is there something wrong with Ms. 'Bucket'?

        NO!  She is not alone.

        What to do?

        Rather than answer this question in one post, I am going to dedicate Thursdays to the dilemma of Ms. 'Bucket'.  I will start by saying that for those of you whose bodies are in friction with conventional exercise, you must jump from convention and  exercise with a level of either functionality or playtime.  In other words, DO NOT EXERCISE!  (Get something done or play!)

        I am at the JW Marriott in downtown LA.  My son is having his convocation at USC School of Cinematic Arts today.  (Am I proud?  Hell yes!)  So, I will sign off for now.


        Wednesday, August 18, 2010

        My 14,000 Calorie Surplus

        Since my sons have been in and out of my home throughout the summer, I have put on about four pounds.  Those pounds snuck up on me it seemed overnight!  I've had to take a good look as to what I've been doing to deserve this newly stored 14,000 extra calories!  I needed to investigate!

        Jordan with Tickles and Rocky

          Let's see, I made them their favorite dinners (last night it was mashed potatoes and gravy and I'll be darned if I'm going to scrimp on the ingredients) a few nights a week and they've had "their" food clogging my fridge and cupboards.  (What's the big deal if I have one small bowl of Cocoa Puffs before bed?)

        My overstuffed, junk filled fridge

        But, I can't blame it all on them.  As I made one of my typical breakfasts the other morning, I actually looked hard at what I assumed was a teaspoon of peanut butter on the knife poised atop my toast.  I tried to measure it by site then decided to use a measuring spoon.  I was nearly dead on!  But, once I'd finished preparing my toast, I automatically put the knife back into the jar to do my usual  knife dip; that extra lick from the knife before putting the jar away.  I decided to measure my dip.  It was a full teaspoon or more!  OK, it's only thirty five or so calories, but, on a grander scale, it becomes a pound of fat after swallowing the hundredth knife scoop.  What if I didn't do my "knife dip" and instead put the jar away?

        Gian made dinner one night.  He told me he was making chicken burritos.  White tortillas, 210 calories; refried beans, 190 calories; avocado slices, 100 calories; plop of sour cream, 70 calories; chicken breast, 90 calories.  (I added fresh vegetables to mine, just for kicks.)

        Later in the day, while I made my lunch,  I mindlessly went to the kid's stash, ready to nibble on a few tortilla chips while heating my soup.  It occurred to me that if I simply did not do those little extra nibbles, I could lop off approximately one hundred or more calories.  Hmmm...I'm beginning to see a pattern!

        The yummy zucchini bread Cathy made me.  I finally learned to enjoy one slice, not two or more!

        A multitude of studies have found that, on average, normal weight people underestimate their daily caloric intake by about 20% and obese people underestimate by 30 - 40%.  Quite a few underestimate up to 50% or more!  (Even those who walk around with their trusty calorie counter will underestimate the amount of calories they consume.)  That said, it is no wonder why so many fitness professionals ask their clients to measure and weigh portions as well as keep an accurate food journal for at least three weeks.  The more aware one is, the less likely they will underestimate, with such glaring disparity, what they put into their mouth.

        I've gained a few pounds and I am again mindful to what I am eating and drinking.  I am not going to diet because every time I have ever thought about dieting, I get all weird and start thinking about food compulsively.  Yuck!  No way!  Nope, it's the 10, 100, 5 rule for me.  Bye bye, four pounds!  I'll let you know next Wednesday how it's going!

        GianPaolo and his Kirby

        Oh, and bye bye Gian!  I am getting him up in a few minutes.  He's driving to his new school in LA.   And, I am once again an empty nester!  So, this will be a good time to be mindful!  Wish me luck!

        Monday, August 16, 2010

        What is Sabotaging Your Weight Loss?

        I have just lost my entire post.  I've spent an hour or more flip-flopping my sentence structure before it had made sense.  Then, while typing, at a mindless speed, the post vanished.  How did I lose it?   I tried everything I knew to retrieve it.  I am just a bit frustrated!

        How is it we can't lose weight as easy as we lose a document, an engagement ring or a pair of designer sunglasses?  Then we are frustrated when we can't lose it as quickly as we desire.  Similarly, we are frustrated when we lose our car keys having just had them a moment ago.

        Weight loss, for most of us, is more of an emotional endeavor than a physical one.  Have you ever stopped to ask yourself what your motivation is for losing weight?  I have asked each and every client who desires to lose weight what their motivation is.  Here are the two most common answers:

             1.  "I want to look better and have more confidence."  
        I'd say, when my client finally is truthful, that this is the most common answer given.  We feel better about ourselves when we can fit into our clothes.  And, there is a sense of achievement when we can maintain a size that is enviable to our peers.

             2.  "I want to be healthier."  
        There are a number of people who really do not seem to care whether or not they look better, they want to be able to feel physically stronger and have a better quality of life.  Often this person is dealing with some kind of health issue.

            Let's face it,  we care what people think about how we look or how disciplined we are.  In the world we live in today we are bombarded with perfect looking bodies everywhere we turn.  It can be downright exhausting to try to compete with all we are exposed to.  Stop competing, and move towards a leaner, healthier body right now by giving up the diet mentality!

        This is easier said than done.  I am sure all of you would love to never have to think about dieting again as long as you live.  Well, then do it!  Let me guide you!

        For today, give yourself permission to simply observe how you eat and what your true desire is when it comes to food.  If you are a sugar junkie, getting your appetite under control can be difficult.  Once you eat sugar, your blood sugars elevate , but, will drop quickly. This process can make us feel hungry, even if we aren't truly hungry.  When we diet we feel deprived and hungry and our blood sugars drop.  This is when we will eat anything that will fulfill us.  Usually, it is the high octane carbs, such as cookies, chips and breads, that we will jump on when given the opportunity.

        Marchelle, Bodeci Body of the month.  She lost the weight she gained vacationing by doing the "10 minutes, 100 less and 5 more"  program.   More on Marchelle and her fantastic achievements to come!

        Once you have openly discovered your patterns, make the choice to eat healthier; more vegetables, more fruits, legumes and whole grains.  When you want a special treat, allow it, but only if it is a treat you truly desire and find extraordinary in it's appearance, texture and flavor.  Do not settle for less!

        I have seen time and again my client's disciplined weight loss plan begin on Monday.  Then it's the weekend and Friday through Sunday is a buffet line in Vegas.  I know, you are human.  Deprivation and suffering doesn't work for more than a few days.  (You'll only put on more weight because you make up for the dieting deprivation by eating whatever and whenever you can from Friday through Sunday.  Huh..)

        If you want to feel unsuccessful, diet, if you want to feel strong and powerful,  don't diet, be mindful.  A great book on the subject is Brian Wansick's "Mindless Eating".  Read it and understand what is behind FAT!  You are not to blame for your ignorance.  You have been fed a bunch of junk!  (No pun intended!)

        No more frustration!  Today you are a human being.  So, be human!

        Thursday, August 12, 2010

        How I Live BODECI!

        I had a rough day Tuesday.  My oldest son, visiting from college, battled a hideous stomach flu.  (We thought he was hung over.)  I listened as he vomited (or dry heaved) for more than twenty-four hours.  I could hear him while I trained clients even though my studio is detached somewhat from my home.
        When I wasn't training or teaching my class, I was running ice chips to him as he was becoming severely dehydrated.  By midnight, I finally climbed into my bed and passed out.

        I have early clients on Wednesday, so I was up a 4:30.  I didn't sleep enough and felt it.  By the time I could take a nap, a friend came by.  We blabbed for about an hour until I finally begged off.  It was now almost 5:00 PM.  A nap at this hour is not such a good idea.  I also wouldn't be able to relax knowing I had a ton of things I needed to tend to.

        I decided to live BODECI!

        With BODECI, you don't think, you simply BEGIN!

        I ORGANIZED my home and only cleaned what truly needed cleaning.  I ORGANIZED all of my work related stuff so I could easily work on my blog, finish emails and deal with the mountains of paperwork for my son's college financial aid. (Will this ever end?)

        I needed to DRINK a lot of water to get my energy flowing again.  So I filled one of my favorite bottles with water and sipped it constantly from my favorite glass.

        I moved quickly and with purpose, creating a kind of EXERCISE for my body.  The best kind of exercise for me is when I'm getting things done.

        I felt like having some of the Coke my son had in the fridge, (I know, me?) but I also wanted to enjoy one of my favorite drinks, the Bodecitini.  So, I CHOSE my poison!  (Isn't it pretty?)

        In a shaker:  Ice, 1 jigger vodka (1 1/2 oz.), a splash or more of pure pomegranate juice, half cup of Perrier.  Shake well and pour into a martini glass.  Nice anti-oxidants to that of the vodka!  

        The entire time I ran around, I IMAGINED I was in Tuscany, Italy.  I live in the most beautiful place! Why not appreciate it's splendor and feel the richness of being so grateful?

        BODECI is loving your life, just as it is now.  To not wish away what you have, but to embrace all of what you are right now, at this very moment.  I am grateful to be!

        Wednesday, August 11, 2010

        The Etiquette of a Fitness Class

        Fiona, (How to be Chic) wrote a very interesting and thought provoking blog on August 11.  It was about "attention seeking" students who disrupted the flow of the yoga class she attends regularly.  The perpetrators loudly made comments and expletives; a private dialogue said aloud.  She found the banter extremely rude and her stress level climbed, instead of  dropped as one would expect from a yoga class.

        I have been a fitness instructor for (God, I am going to date myself horribly!) twenty-eight years.  I have been extremely lucky to have had, for the most part, awesome and respectful students.  But, there are exceptions and it is always difficult to have to confront a student for their inconsiderate behavior.

        These are my guidelines for etiquette in a group fitness class:

        1.  Please do not hold conversations with another student while the instructor is teaching the class.  The group becomes distracted and so does the instructor.  Trust me, it is difficult to teach a class to a large group and becoming distracted will throw me off of my direction.  (I can tell you a few funny stories about students during one of their pow-wows, thinking my music drowns out their conversation.  All of their secrets being heard by the entire class.  More on this later...)

        2.  Please do not ask questions of the instructor during the class that do not pertain to the instruction.  ("Why are you wearing make-up?")  Now, I am terribly guilty of talking personally to a student.  "It is so good to see your back is doing better, Mary!"  "I'm glad to see you again, Gladys!"  Most students do not mind a personal, but quick, discussion initiated by the instructor.  They do not like it as much if it is initiated by the student.

        3.  Please do not take up too much time with YOUR personal fitness related issues.  You are in a group training class not personal training.  Instructors should take the time after class to answer simple questions about personal fitness issues.

        4.  Please do not make comments during class about the instructors music or protocol.  Every person in the room has, what they deem, their favorite music or routine and most instructors try to please the entire group but, it is impossible to please everyone all of the time.  If you do not enjoy the music or the protocol today, remember those many times when you have.  And, there just may be a reason for your instructors decision.

        5.  And, finally, please treat your fellow students as you would like to be treated.  Allow a bit more space when the room is packed.  Move up to accommodate the student who wants to be in the back row, she is shy!  Do not hate that perfect body in the class, she has been coming to the class for years.  Look at her as an example of what YOU, too can achieve!  Do your best to not disrupt the flow of the class, whether by talking or showing up late (I really do not mind a student who is late when he tells me in advance why).  And, when leaving early, do so discreetly, and say good-bye to the instructor, she will be glad to know you aren't leaving because you are sick of her!

        Living amongst other humans means we must be tolerant, it also means we must be aware!  Now, go have some fun, darn-it!