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Monday, August 9, 2010

Stories: The Unknown Woman

One lovely summer afternoon my boyfriend, Randy (who is my husband today but we were not yet married) and my two boys, Gian and Jordan, went to a fundraiser at our local church.  It was a community affair, but there were a whole lot of folks I didn't know, which is really different for me as I was raised in this small community.

We had already gone through the "buffet" line (they were serving hot dogs and potato salad) when we plunked ourselves down at a picnic table to relish in the old fashioned fare.  As we began to eat, a family (dad first then two boys then mom) walked by our table.  We smiled and said "hello" and they did the same.   

The "mom" was, by all accounts, hefty, and she was beautiful!  But, what I noticed was her attention to detail.  She wore an attractive and updated version of the "moo moo" in magenta colors.  Her hair was long, black and gorgeous; very Polynesian.  Her skin was luminous, a rich nut color and moisturized with care.  She wore a shimmering shade of magenta on her lips.  When she smiled at us and pulled her sunglasses down (flirty), and said "hello" in her husky voice, it was transformational.   To have seen this woman in all her glory, changed my idea of 'beautiful' forever.

I couldn't stop thinking about her drop dead gorgeousness as the day went by.  Later, when the boys were asleep, I asked Randy who he thought was the most beautiful woman at the gig.  (Thank God he knows to say, "you, dear" first.)  

"This may come as a surprise, but remember that woman who flipped her sunglasses down when she said 'hello'...?"  How could I forget? 

The "Unknown Woman" taught me the best lesson of my life.  Smile, laugh, have joy, be present with others, love yourself, love others, show off your best attributes and be real.  This is to live BODECI!

What is beautiful?  To be skinny?  To be more curvy?  No!  To be real!

Move away from the mirror that makes you feel ugly!  Take back your individuality and show the world  a new and loving person!  You can change an attitude in an instant with a look and a smile.  She did!  

Now, YOU do it!  Be beautiful!!!  Let me know...


  1. Debra,

    She sounds confident, authentic and comfortable in her own skin. That's what we should be striving for instead of trying to be a size 2, freezing our faces with Botox and telling ourselves we don't measure up.

    Thanks for the great story!


  2. You know it A! BTW! Great blogs over the last few days. I need ot pick up my bag and leave you veggies! Soon, days are filled with kids and work.

  3. This is a great story Debra and you described the woman so well. I often find mirrors deflate how you're feeling inside. We automatically zoom into the flaw(s) and forget the good stuff.

    It IS the attitude that makes someone beautiful. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. You are so welcome, Fiona! Look forward to my blog today about rude people in group fitness classes! I loved your perspective of that of the student.