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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Remember The Rule of 10, 100, 5?

Did you read my post of July 23th about the "Rule of 10 Minutes, 100 Less and 5 More"?  I have been wondering how you did?

100 calorie items
  Less than half of a hard roll, 14 almonds, 1/4 cup cranberries.

If you had tried my "challenge" back on July 23d, you may have discovered that there is a joy to losing a few pounds.  I think it is because you weren't dieting in order to achieve the results.  

My clients have gotten the best results with this formula because they can lose a pound or two every few weeks and not be deprived!   They're not starving their body or their mind and end up craving "bad" foods.  

Humans are far more satisfied when eating REAL food.  The diet mentality promotes the thought that you may never get to eat real food again.  So, when you are at the party or the restaurant, you eat as much "forbidden" food as you can thinking you will be going back to the prison camp the next day.

This is about 120 calories of Provolone cheese.

So, had you started with the simple RULE of 10 Minutes, 100 Less and 5 More, you would be feeling lighter. You may even feel stronger and notice a bit more tone.  Wow!  For such a small investment, you could be feeling better about yourself and really groove on the life you are living!

I think we should take as much pleasure from life as we can, but instant gratification doesn't promote the true essence of joy.  Grabbing junk food to satisfy your hunger is not the same as sitting down to a wonderfully prepared dish.  Take your time and prepare your food thoughtfully.  Sit down with your tasty meal and savor the flavor, texture, color and aroma of the food you prepare.  

Order what you truly desire at a restaurant and eat with sheer delight while you take your time to really appreciate the gift of great food!  Then stop before you are stuffed knowing you can eat whenever and whatever you want.  Eat what you want, but eat less.  You will become less extreme in the calories you consume!

Be mindful.  Know what you truly want and then eat moderately. 

I just read yesterday's blog (August 4) from The Rich Life on a Budget.   Adrienne talks about her experience with losing the "diet mentality" and losing weight!  You must read it.  

If you haven't read my blog "The Rule of 10 Minutes, 100 Less and 5 More", check it out.  I would love to hear from you if you try this easy to do lifestyle shift.  Let me know your results!

One-half cup of whole grain pasta.
One and a half tablespoons Ranch dressing.

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  1. Thanks for this Debra. It helps me stay focused. I have been dining out more this week while on vacation at home, but have been skipping dessert and ordering wine by the glass instead of sharing a bottle with my husband. Little things, surely, but establishing new habits. Now what can we do about restaurants that charge so much for a glass of wine? I guess we can all begin to complain. But I digress. Thanks for the blog.