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Saturday, October 30, 2010

29 Days to Fit and Fabulous!

Sabato presso il Ristorante!

We might meet some friends for dinner tonight.  After all it is Saturday.  I do not want to gain back the pound I lost this week.  I have been losing a pound every week only to gain the darn thing back by Monday morning.

This is a Bodeci weekend.  And it's time to put my money where my mouth is...

Begin by being conscious today.  Be mindful while around food and drink.  Stay conscious.  Remember why you are deciding to be conscious.  Remember how great it feels to enjoy the holidays a few pounds lighter and a bit stronger.
Some good books on eating and behavior around eating.  Mindless Eating is very interesting! 

Organize yourself a bit by calling ahead to the restaurant or checking them out online so you don't even have to look at the menu.  You can order a fabulous meal without being tempted by the Carbonara or Alfredo.  I will drink 16 ounces of water before leaving the house and again before I take my first bite or sip of my cocktail.  (I already know what I am going to have tonight:  shared appetizer of ceviche' and grilled artichoke and a fish taco.  My cocktail of choice is a very dry Kettle One Martini, shaken not stirred with a twist, per favore'!)

I will organize my outfit ahead of time so I won't feel anxiety while rooting through my clothes at the last minute.

Drink soup!  Here is my recipe for "Curried Sage and Butternut Squash soup with Pesto Oil".   And don't forget to make a big pot of my Negative Calorie Soup to have on hand.

Saute one medium chopped onion in two Tblsp. unsalted butter.  When onions are slightly browned add a teaspoon and a half of curry and saute for about a minute.  Add 4 cups chicken broth and 4 cups water. and bring to boil while peeling and cubing one butternut squash.  Add to pot.

This is the kind of peeler I use for the hard skin of the squash.

This is the knife I use to cut it.  They are pretty tough little buggers!

Slice a medium carrot into little "coins".  I used three little ones just because.  Add to pot.  Salt and pepper to taste.

While soup is cooking (approximately 30 minutes) use a food processor to finely mince two cloves of garlic with 1 cup of basil and 1/2 cup of extra virgin olive oil for the pesto oil.
In a  frying pan, heat a tablespoon of olive oil to just before smoking and fry approximately 6 sage leaves until crispy.  Keep an eye on them, shouldn't take too long.
Finish the soup with an emersion blender until creamy smooth, ladle into bowls, drizzle the pesto oil on top with crumbled sage leaves as a garnish.

Exercise with a bit more intensity.  You don't have to workout longer, just push yourself to a challenging level today.  And, again, if in doubt as to what to do, go to my video!

My wonderful students.  I am so grateful that I teach my Bodeci method workout.  I tell you what, if you are responsible to another or several others, you will most likely be more consistent.  Try exercising with a friend or two.

Calories Count so determine to EAT LESS!  Remember my rule of 5, 10 and 100?  Check it out again if you've forgotten.  It is the small and doable steps that get you where you want to go without one drop of suffering!

Imagine how much fun you will have dining out tonight (or the next time you dine out) when you can enjoy yourself without having to unbutton your top button!  Imagine feeling satisfied with less. 

Imagine the difference between depriving yourself with the old mindset of losing some unwanted weight and how great you feel knowing you are making those changes happen happily!  Godetevi la vita!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

31 Days to Fit and Fabulous

Facilita' d' uso!  Easy does it!

Today's post is dedicated to Jan and to Ms. Bucket of a few months ago.

Begin by chanting this mantra:  I am all I am right now.  I do what I can.

Jan of bobbypin'sboardwalk blog wrote to me of her dislike of cooking and/ or preparing food.  Her angst came from her "all or nothing" view about her "diet' and as a result, she'd sabotage her efforts in losing a few unwanted pounds.  Because she ate mostly fast and "convenience foods", she felt whe was already a failure  and this made it difficult for her to maintain any kind of progress as she always felt like she'd already "blown it".  Feeling like a failure is the worst place to be when making any kind of lifestyle change, especially when it comes to a woman and her body!

The truth is, because of all the "diet" books out there with hundreds of pages of recipes and cooking instructions, we've become afraid to eat normal!  Normal just isn't good enough when we should be juicing our own wheat grass and eating raw, organic, vegetarian, vegan, whole, slow, cruelty free, hormone free,  free range, free trade, free from additives.  Holy cow!  It is no wonder we end up hating food!  Only to binge on it in order to fulfill our own worst nightmare: we are weak and undeserving.

The reason I have a section on organize is because most of our eating issues are bottled up stress and anxiety about how others perceive us.  Do we measure up to the standards we read about in the magazines and see on television?  I have given up on the media for the most part as I have found so many contradictions.  I subscribe to one new magazine as it  shares several points of view on a particular subject or story and has very little commercial advertising.  Thus, I don't have to look at skinny women in airbrushed displays telling me I should use this product to make me be all that.

Organize your own personal lifestyle.  Who are you when it comes to eating and exercise?  Are you the kind who enjoys an hour or more at a gym diligently sticking to a program?  Do you hate to sweat and have achy muscles?  Do you love to lay around on your off time or take a ten mile hike?  Do you love the tastes and textures of a variety of foods and look forward to new recipes or are you mostly a creature of habit and like to eat the same things day after day?  Getting to know yourself with regards to your body is key in creating a lifestyle strategy you can live with forever.

Write a small paragraph to yourself starting the first sentence with:

  • My usual day of eating looks pretty much like this...
  • My ideal exercise program would be....
  • In order to have the kind of body I desire, I am willing to change ...
Once you see who you really are, stop beating yourself up already!  You are who you are.  And you are perfect because you are YOU.

Drink water and water type beverages.  More, more, more!  Just do it.  This part is easy if you don't think too much about it.

Exercise should be simple and prescriptive today.  When I say prescriptive I mean the exercise should be corrective in some way.  Movement is the most important type of exercise you should be doing.  Moving with purpose and intensity is the best especially if the movement could be balanced for all of your muscles.  Since most movement is imbalanced we need to correct our muscles with weight or resistance training as well as stretching muscles that get tight from over-use.

Most people that workout  are not aware how important balance is,  For example, the strength of the muscles of the pectorals or chest should be in balance with the strength of the muscles of the latissimus dorsi or back.  Without making this too complicated, when you perform push-ups, try to perform the flexing phase (as you are releasing back towards the floor, bending your elbows) slowly, concentrating on using your lat muscles. As it gets more difficult for your chest, bring your knees to the floor or closer to your hands, as you push up and bring knees off the floor or farther away when you come back towards the floor.  In fact, practice right now.  Stop reading and get on the floor for twenty of the best push-ups you can do!

Make the practical and simple exercises the ones that you perform regularly if you are not sure or don't yet have a program that is consistent.  Start with my video and make it consistent.  Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  Learn about your body in it's simplest and most effective movement.  Increase your intensity each day you exercise.  Eventually increase the repetitions you perform.  The idea is to be consistent!

Calories count and you know how I feel about that.  Make them count, people!!!  Make a pact with yourself that no matter what, you will honor yourself with the best of the bunch no matter where you happen to eat lunch.  If you are dining at a fast food place, think for a moment what your best choice might be.  I'm not talking about those awful dried up salads with dressing packets, I am saying that if you insist upon a fast food place keep your choice light.  Look at the nutrition information, they all have them now, and go lighter than you usually do.  Perhaps even a bit healthier, while you're at it.   Small changes add up!!  Remember Helen!  A great book, Eat This Not That, has hundreds of better choices when it comes to fast or junk food.

Here it is in a nut shell:  Eat only what YOU REALLY WANT.  Eat less of it.  Eat less junk as much as possible.  Eat more vegetables whenever you can, even the tiniest shifts make a huge impact.  A little trick:  Drink 16 ounces of water before you eat.  Trust me, this works.  Just do it!!

I would like to offer a small suggestion here.  How about you try to cook just one good meal a week?  Just for kicks and giggles.  No pressure to do it right, just for the heck of it.  This is simply to bring you back to being in love with food again.  When you love food, you savor it and enjoy the whole experience, at least some of the time.

My zucchini pancakes made savory and with the blossoms!

Imagine there's no diet.  No shoulds or shouldn'ts.  No bads or goods.  No rights or wrongs!  Imagine there's no fit police watching your every move.......(sung to John Lennon's Imagine).

La vita e abbastanza grande!  See, life is really quite grand!  Now, go to it!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

33 Days to Fit and Fabulous

Irish oatmeal with fruit and a bit of cream.

Begin a your week with a breakfast that satisfies and provides nutrition.  Wear clothing that loves your body.  Look into the amazing lives of your friends, co-workers and family with a new perspective.  See life as new and renewable.

Greek yogurt and homemade plum sauce.

Organize more of the areas you weren't able to finish this weekend.  And, the rest of the week, organize your most used spaces:  Office, car, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.  Get rid of what has been sitting around the last few months, it is only irritating.  I recently got rid of a huge stack of professional fitness magazines I hadn't nor wanted to read.  They just made me feel like a loser every time I looked at them.  I finally let clients take what they wanted and I recycled the rest.  Out of site, I have freedom to read what I want!  Making small changes in your spaces will open new doors to reinventing your new self these next 33 days.  It is liberating!

Drink water, doctored water (adding mint, ginger, lemon, cucumber, etc.), tea (herb, white, green or black).  Drink more than you have been.  Don't think, just drink.

Exercise a bit more intensely this week.  No excuses.  Perhaps do two or three rounds of my video and or add the exercise below instead of the push-ups.  Again, don't let the voice of unreasoning infiltrate your sensibilities!  It is time to challenge yourself.

Begin on all fours then lift knees to go into plank. Then to a side plank.

Back to plank then to push-up.  It is definitely OK to go to your knees for the push-up.
Back up to plank then turn knee under body trying to keep your butt low.  Repeat for the other side.  Do 5 to 10 reps

Calories Count but I abhor having to count calories.  The truth is, we should know more about the nutritional value in the foods we eat and that includes the calorie count.  Just look at the packaging.  (I will never forget a client of mine saying she used a lot of olive oil in her cooking because it was fat free and had no calories.)  It really helps with your willpower to see a full plate when trying to cut back on calories so find yourself a smaller plate to eat from.

50% of my plate: vegetables

Imagine yourself today:

  • Eating a healthy breakfast (see my Bodeci breakfast sandwich recipe)
  • Tossing or storing some of the piles you have in your most used areas
  • Drinking more water than usual
  • Exercising with more intensity
  • Eating from my 80/20 rule; 80% lean and healthy, 20% "oopsie! I had wine, desert, cheese..."
I don't know about you, but I'm more inclined to savor a bit of cheese or a glass of wine than to have desert.

However, don't these look yummy!
20% of the time, you may not always make the healthiest choice, but, life is too short to say NO all of the time!

Now get off this computer and let's get going towards Fit and Fabulous!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

36 Days to Fit and Fabulous

Begin this weekend with a new thought;  we don't always have to indulge on the weekend and we never DIET!  Weekends are for relaxing and enjoying 'non-work'.  That's it!  Nobody said you are supposed to pig out over the weekend because you've been "good all week".  How about being just bad enough to enjoy life and just a bit more thoughtful as to how much and what you decide to eat.  You can easily give up a this or a that.  Just don't give up who you are over night!  A diet is a way of eating, to diet is to succumb to the industry!

Continue to Organize your kitchen fridge and cupboards as well as personal closet.  I know this is a daunting task and the weekend is a perfect time to make significant changes.  Do not ask anyone else, unless they are professionals, what they think you should keep or wear, it could lead to an uncomfortable situation later.  To help you, think about what you would bring with you on vacation for a week to a place with your current lifestyle and climate.

Drink water.  And if you get bored, add chopped fresh mint, ginger, cucumber, lemon and/ or herb tea.  Just drink it and try to drink more than you are used to.

Exercise the prescribed amount today.  Even if it is on the minimal side.  Even five minutes makes a huge difference!

Calories count and being prepared keeps it easy to keep track.  I have provided my basic shopping list for Trader Joes's and will be creating recipes from it in future posts.    It is easy to make good choices at TJ's and you want to be satisfied while eating for a thinner and/ or fitter YOU!  I go organic and unprocessed as much as possible.

Trader Joe’s
Alvarado Street Essential Flax and Italian turkey sandwich
Hummus  (for a lighter calorie try tomato basil or eggplant)                                                                                 
Salsa (I love Salsa Especial)
Feta cheese                                                                                 
Goat cheese  
Shredded Mozzarella Cheese
Canadian Bacon
Italian Style or low sodium Turkey breast (I am now roasting my own, but these are good for deli style)                                                                                                                                                        
Chicken Breasts (I like "tenders" as they are smaller and more tender!)                                                                      
Lean Beef   
Romaine Hearts                                                                        
Red Bell Peppers                                                                        
Green Beans            
onions, garlic
sweet potatoes, butter nut squash
berries, fresh or frozen

Alvarado Street Essential Flax bread (or other whole grain, this one is only 50 calories a slice) 
Corn and whole grain Tortillas                                                                                  
Akmak Crackers                                                                                   
Almonds and other nuts/ seeds
Dark chocolate                                    
Greek Yogurt
Light Sour Cream
½ + ½
whole milk
Alvarado Street Essential Flax french toast, yummy

Rice, soy milk       
Flax Flakes Cereal
whole grain and oat flour
Chicken Stock                                                                                    
Enchilada Sauce                                                                        
Soy Ginger Dressing
Organic Mayonnaise                                                                        
Olive Oil Spray                                                                           
Crushed Tomatoes                                                                                 
olive oil and vinegar
red pepper sauce
raw sugar
pure maple syrup
flavors and spices like vanilla, mustards, peppercorns, salts etc.

Canned Tuna (I prefer canned in olive oil)
Canned beans
whole grain pasta
brown rice

soda water
pure pomegranate juice

Imagine your best and be that!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

38 Days to Fit and Fabulous

Begin your day with gratitude.  I know, sounds cliche', but the truth is it makes a world of difference beginning your day feeling grateful for all that is good and positive in your life.  Not to mention, it's a great way to soothe the savage beast at around three in the afternoon.  Being in gratitude is a way to feel sense of strength and it makes us look a whole lot more beautiful to those who come in our path.  I have a little room in my house I call my sun room.  Within are a variety of oggetti d' arte that remind me of my gifts in life!

Mia chia, Egyptian cat, and grandmother's plate under mia chia are reminders to  me of how fortunate I am.

Organize your personal closet.  Find your best pieces of clothing and accessories and discover your most flattering outfits then stick to these throughout the duration.  I helps our motivation when we feel good about our appearance.  Spend thirty minutes today and tomorrow sorting through the out-dated, wrong size, not-ironed, ill-fitting and otherwise unflattering clothing and either store it out of site or get rid of it.  Spend some of the time creating new looks with what you have.  Challenge yourself to wear something showy, like a gorgeous scarf or a brightly colored handbag.  Maybe you've always wanted to wear those patent leather gloves but didn't feel comfortable.  Wear them!  Have fun, let loose and instead of allowing your ego decide what's right for you, let your soul lead the way.

It helps to organize by style and color, too.  

Drink alcohol in moderation.  The current rule of thumb for active women is one to three glasses of wine, beer or alcoholic beverage a day.  Before grabbing for another drink,  a lot depends upon your genetics and lifestyle.  So use moderation.  A glass of wine a day has great health benefits as does alcohol in general.  (Google 'health benefits of alcohol'.)  I always say, choose your poison!  When it comes to a desert or another glass of wine, I go for the wine 90% of the time!

Sometime before I turned fifty, I found wine, while loving it, make me kind of feel yucky.  this is my Bedecitini.  Premium vodka, pure pomegranate juice, soda water and ice,  Shaken, not stirred.  Sip slowly...

Remember, Monday, Wednesday and Friday is for cardiovascular exercise and Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday is for resistance or weight training.  Of course you can switch the order, but just make sure you alternate the resistance/ weight training!

Extra exercise for the day:  Right now, stand up, hold on to both sides of your low back with each hand just above the butt cheeks.  Pull your elbows back, open your chest and lean back opening chest further.  You should be able to allow your head to move back with your upper body.  If you feel tightness in your neck, it is time to pay attention to changing it's curve back to it's original natural position.  Hold a rolled hand towel in both hands with towel at the nap of your neck. Gently lean head back while pulling up on towel, pulling the vertebrae up and back.  Make this stretch a habit, especially those on a computer for hours a day!  Take these breaks regularly.  Most every job these days has us forward hunched.  Not attractive.  Keep a small towel at your desk, I have more exercises using it in the future.

Calories Count but so does taste.  The reason French women stay thin is because they opt for taste rather than portion size.  They prefer a bit of hunger to indulging on crap.  They would rather be seen vomiting in the middle of the first act of an opera than to be seen eating processed, junky food.  Similarly, they abhor gigantic amounts of food on their plate.  It just looks, well, uncool.

Easy Bodeci style dinner.  Baby spinach, sliced red pepper, cherry tomato and green onion tossed with Trader Joe's
Pad Thai noodles and thin sliced chicken breast from previous meal.  A dash of rice vinegar and a few Mandarin oranges

Imagine yourself shedding a few pounds of bloat and lethargy.  See yourself moving with less effort and with less pinch from the waistband.  Take a deep breath and continue to visualize this very near future YOU.  Continue to breath deeply while allowing a smile to broaden your beautiful and wise face.  Feel  the serenity of believing in yourself and all your glory.  Notice any little voices lurking that have a negative or critical tone.  Don't try to grapple with this voice, instead patiently notice what it is saying.  Is the voice valid or correct.  Break it down.  If the voice says, "you've tried this before and you will never be five pounds less or more fit or feel better than you have.  You just don't have the willpower..."  Whatever!  Listen, then tell the voice you have heard what it is saying and if you need it's help somewhere along the line, you will ask for it.  Smile and move on.  You Can Do This!

We have many little gremlins lurking inside our head.  Their voices are usually created from old criticisms, past hurts or unfounded fears.  Are they rational, do they merit validity?  Listen to the voice of your heart, dig deeper into your soul, banish the ego!  Find your own "fairy princess"!  It isn't just fantasy! 

Monday, October 18, 2010

Forty Days to Fit and Fabulous!

I just realized the holidays are upon us.  For whatever it is worth, it seems like quite a few of us have been eating more of our comfort foods and doing less moving and shaking lately.  Why?  Well, I have two theories, at least from where my four pound (yes, I know, the same four from a month or more ago) gain has materialized from.

The first is due in part to writing my and reading other's blogs, which keeps me immobile for more time at a stretch than ever before.  After training and/ or teaching exercise, I used to dash through emails, write for about an hour (a book I have been in process with for a few years) and maybe check out a few shopping sites or look up professional information.  It seems that since I started blogging with some regularity, I have been on my computer and therefore sitting for approximately two hours extra per day.  Not good!

The second theory I have, regarding my four pounds, is that since I have decided to budget and not spend so recklessly, I have been eating and entertaining at home a whole lot more.  I have become obsessed with preparing delicious foods with regularity so as to make up for the lack of spontaneous entertainment. Today, I truly believe this will be an advantage for me in the forty days until Thanksgiving because I can prepare foods with less  (fat, salt and sugars) than most restaurants deliver.  I just need to make some shifts in how I have been consuming my yummy creative cuisine.

My purpose these next forty days is to impart the Bodeci wisdom of a fitness lifestyle to you, my faithful followers.  I will not be getting off track with too many posts about canning tomatoes or the new outfit I bought or the ways I have been able to save $;  that is for my blogger friends to share with you and you can find their marvelous blogs listed in my blog roll.  

I will be including a small 'to do' for each of the Bodeci strategy headings and will be posting every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to be delivered to you no later than Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and my strategy headings are:

Helen in February said, "Don't make me diet!"

  • Begin
  • Organize
  • Drink
  • Exercise
  • Calories Count
  • Imagine
For today and until my next post:

She says just begin with small steps and never look back!
Begin today with a new attitude.  You have the ability to shift your attitude from one of victim or incapable to that of I can and I will!
Helen has lost more than 35 pounds on the scale.  She now curls 35 pounds with a smile!

Organize the food in your home.  Toss the old crap to make room for new and improved foods to help you on your way to Fit and Fabulous.  Make a shopping list of foods that you know will support you. Purchase and prep them so they are ready to create meals.  (I will be giving shopping lists in future posts to help with some of the mystery, but for now, rely upon the information you know has worked for you in the past.)  Spend at least a half an hour today, tomorrow and Wednesday on this.

Take it away!
Drink water all day long especially fifteen minutes before your meal.
This one seems so easy.  Trust me, you will need to make sure the water is at hand!  Just drink.

Exercise doing a half an hour of cardiovascular exercises on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  This could be anything from running, walking or jogging to in-line skating, hula hoop or jumprope.  The choice is yours.  Just do it regularly and don't blow it off!  On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday do your weight training.  If in doubt as to what to do, just follow my 'BODECI WORKOUT' .  I will be giving new exercise programs throughout the forty days, but for right now, this quick program will offer enough to create muscle strength and tone.

When in doubt, scrub your floors quickly!  Check out my other youtube

Calories count no matter what anyone has told you.  The best way to begin changing your caloric intake is to only eat one serving for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack(s).  This means you will not be eating slices of cheese while preparing dinner or dipping a spoon into the ice cream container mindlessly.  It is about focusing on making your meal then eyeballing a serving of protein (size of the palm of your hand), a serving of grains or non-white carbohydrates (about the size of your fist), a serving of vegetables (about the size of your two hands making a large bowl) and a serving (the size of your thumb) of healthy fats such as olive oil, nuts and nut butters and avocado.  My personal plan calls for about one hundred extra calories per meal for dairy, wine, condiments and/ or fruit.  

Bodeci poached egg atop sweet potato and red pepper hash.
Yummy!!  Yummy!! Yummy!! Yummy!! Yummy! Yummy!! Yummy!!  Yummy!! Yummy!! Yummy!!

Imagine you are making these small and time affordable changes to your day and how fabulous you will feel as a few pounds begin to drop from your body.  Imagine how great it will be when you arrive at a holiday party wearing your favorite outfit and you are perfectly comfortable in it.  Imagine just exactly what you want for your body and feel how great your emotional self is during the upcoming season!

Do you see her?  She is your fairy godmother.  She is within all of you.  Listen to her wisdom, for once!

I want you to succeed.  Let me know how you would like this program to fit with you.  I am here for you. 
Tell me where you are having difficulties.  I love my clients and students and YOU.  I am here.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Why Am I Doing This?

Are you even interested?  What do ya want from me, already?
After reading through several of my favorite blogs today (because I have to keep up) I found myself wondering as I responded to their posts, 'what in the hell am I doing all of this for, anyway?'

Here is what I discovered:  I love to write.  I love to commune with like minds.  I love to feel the power of influence.  I have a desire to make a significant impact, artistically, in my lifetime.  I am bored with life at times so I stir things up occasionally.
How about him?  Nahh, he loves me whether I write or not.  But, yes, I do.

So, Who am I doing this for?  (I asked myself....)
The Helen's and Victoria's and Rick's and Christine's and Rebecca's and Marcy's and Rosa's and Michelle's and Kirby's and Cathy's and Tony's and Toni's and Kath's and Marchelle's and Christina's and Luba's and Randy's and FF's and Fiona's and Adrienne's and Sandra's and Kendra's and GianPaolo's and Jessica's and Jordan's and Pam's and Joan's and Deborah's and Amy's and Donna's and Lori's and Laura's and Janet's and Janice's and Monica's and Nicole's and Nicola's and Nikki's and Danielle's and Shuan's and Ryan's and Karen's and Debaroo's (that's me... a name my son's girlfriend, R, gave me a bit ago).

What a story these eyes tell.  

My writing is because I have to.

So, why have an audience?

Because, it is so much more fun, don't you think.

I love my readers!

(Thank you, reader.)

My Chia Pet gives me tons of feedback.  He laughs at me all the time.  Asshole!
Now, just for the heck of it, drop and do 20 push ups.  (You can do them on your knees, ya know.)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Come un Gattina!

Sometimes we just want to be kittenish.


 Remember those days when you could wake up, shake your head a bit and look cute?  (Well, perhaps more than just a shake of the head.)  What happens to us as we get on in years?   I am not talking about our wrinkles or the plumpness around parts that used to be lithe.  I am talking about an attitude.

Is this dress age appropriate for someone in her fifties?   Sometimes you just need to  let it rip.  Know your assets and show them advantageously and with taste.

Like Sophia, know what is fabulous about you and highlight it with clothing.  (Not the lack of clothing!)

Perhaps it is an attitude you wear under your hat?

So 'pimp'.  A hat or shades adds a bit of mystery and uniqueness.  

Being kittenish is to be subtly sexy, playful, loyal,  sweetly aloof,  interested,  and smart.

Women over fifty do not have to stop being kittenish!  Check it out...


Ellen Barkin
Jennifer Tilly

Holly Hunter


Katey Sagal

Sharon Stone and Iman

Kim Bassinger

Michelle Pfeifer

It takes a bit of work to maintain your appearance, but that is how it is for anything worth having, right?  I mean you spend money and time maintaining your car and your home so why not your body.  After all, your body is the only tangible thing you truly own.  So what's a little work for a lifetime of playful living?  There is no doubt that women are more confident when they feel attractive.  What can you do today that will make you feel fantastic inside and out?  Let me hear about it.

Who do you think is kittenish and why?