Redefine beautiful!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Imagine you are beautiful!

Imagine what it would feel like to wake up one morning free of judgement towards your body.  How would it feel to appreciate your body and all it can do?  Imagine that you are not in shame or resentment of your body.   What would it be like for you to love and accept the fittest body you could possibly have given whatever your particular issues and personal lifestyle choices?  This is the core of BODECI… 

Your body is a manifestation of what your lifestyle creates. Of course, there are limitations that you may have no control over. Perhaps you have had an injury that prevents you from doing things you used to take for granted. Or maybe you had an upbringing that hindered you from realizing your full physical potential. We have to consider everything that can create or destroy your ideal vision.

It is your ability to believe in your possibility that is the most important component of making body changes. You should believe that you are or can be fit: strong, balanced, coordinated, and with energy!   You are human and unique.  So, as you take the steps towards your personal fitness lifestyle, be mindful that you are a REAL person, not a phony airbrushed photo of a starved, fourteen year old model.  

Real beauty, with flesh and curves (or lack of them), is when we love and accept what is inherently unique about ourselves.  Our judgements about our bodies have very little to do with reality, and usually are as a result of what we've been told to believe.   Our society and the media driven machine that promotes it's standard of beautiful, have created monsters out of mere humans!  We subscribe to an impossible perfection and waste too much time and money trying to capture it.

What would happen if we all decided that REAL is beautiful.  We wouldn't need plastic surgery or hair extensions or Spanks or expensive clothing.  Wouldn't it be amazing to not have to compete with a magazine cover?!  I haven't bought a fashion magazine in years and trust me, it is the best expense I have ever given up.

I challenge you today to not look at one fashion magazine (or other tabloids that typically create body image issues in you) for a whole month.  Additionally, I would like to challenge you to find your unique beauty and to highlight the hell out of it!  Here's something for you girls to chew on:  If given a choice, would you rather be seen on the arm of Fabio or Mick?  So, now, what is truly beautiful?

Are you up to the challenge?  Let me know your thoughts!!


  1. Debra,

    Great post and so true. Somehow, I ended up with what seems like a 100 year subscription to Fitness Magazine, which is geared toward the 20-35 year old woman. I'm still getting an issue every month which I promptly throw into recycle. I used to give it to my stepdaughter, who is 15, but I thought it would give her unhealthy ideas about her body.

    I think fashion/fitness/beauty magazines are detrimental to one's self-esteem and confidence. They do not represent reality and are so touched up with Photoshop, they may as well be computer generated models, not people. How can we live up to a standard that does not exist?

    And I'd take Mick any day over Fabio!

  2. I'm with you, Adrienne! I am on a mission to have a whole new standard called healthy and fit! Not skinny and fake. I'm so over it!

    Yes, Mick is the clear choice!!