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Thursday, August 26, 2010

I Hate to Exercise and I Eat Cheeseburgers and Pizza, Part 2

Last Thursday I wrote a blog with the same title because I'd gotten a comment from a  woman saying she didn't like to exercise and often ate what her young boys ate; cheeseburgers and pizza.   She wanted to lose those ten pounds she felt when wearing her snug jeans.  And, she'd like to firm up and feel strong.

They look like they are having a good time.

Many women and men do not care for exercise nor do they like to have to eat mindfully.  If most people liked, let alone loved to exercise, I wouldn't have a job!  It is my experience that a lot of people do not desire exercise and yet, they would prefer to exercise.  Their preference to exercise is because they know it is beneficial to them for many reasons.  We have desires and we have preferences.  Most often they are not the same!

She trains the "Biggest Losers".  Hmm..

It is no wonder so many bristle at the thought of exercise with health and fitness magazines displaying unrealistic covers of youthful hard bodies that the vast majority find intimidating and beyond their ability.  I think of TV programs like "The Biggest Loser", with six-packed trainers who scream out orders to their obese and weakened clients to workout like gladiators.  It is terribly humiliating!  It has been my experience that when one goes from "zero to one hundred" with exercise and diet, they eventually cave and go back to old behaviors of binging and non-exercise.

What class is she teaching?

My weight loss/ fitness winners have always been those who've learned new behaviors to create their current lifestyle gradually.  For example, Helen and Luba, featured in past blogs, have made fantastic changes.  If you ask either woman if she thought she would be as fit as she is now, they would absolutely say "NO".  Ask them how they "did it", each would say they began by doing the minimum they knew they could do.  By not overloading themselves with should, shouldn't, can, can't, good, bad, right or wrong, they stayed with their program.  The single smartest thing the "exercise drop-out/ mindless eater" can do is to begin developing new habits that net a positive result.

Natural Muscle?

I always look like this when I workout.

If you think the only way you will be able to get into shape is to subscribe to the "standards" you see on those TV programs or in a fitness magazine, it is no wonder you never make the commitment to make those positive changes!  My recommendation:  Start with my "5 minute workout" twice a week (or something similar).  The next week, add a third day (preferably alternating).  On the third week, add a ten minute walk (or something comparable) twice weekly.  And, on the fourth week, increase your walks to fifteen minutes.  Don't even think about dieting!  Instead, simply give up eating those foods you really don't care that much about.

Men's Fitness?

Do you see a pattern?  Take it in small doses, do it consistently and make sure to have a positive feeling about it after!  Let yourself win at fitness!  You can make your program one that works for you!  

Tomorrow I will have some of my favorite lean recipes you won't believe lean!


  1. Hi Debra,

    The best exercise advice I ever got was "plan your life around your workouts" instead of trying to "fit in" exercising into your life...Worked for me!


  2. I love your little photo captions Debra. They are so funny.

    Gradually changing habits works for me. It is tempting to change your life Biggest Loser style by jumping in and going hard out, but I have found in the past it is not sustainable just like you said.

    Choosing one thing at a time to tweak is better.

    Also finding the exercise you enjoy is important. I have always had a love/hate relationship with gyms and now my exercise is walking and yoga. I like gentle movement.

    Great post.