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Monday, August 30, 2010

"The Rich Life" and "Bodeci" do Napa!

I am so very bad at being sick!  I had to cancel my birthday "hang-out" with Adrienne last Wednesday because I felt so slow.  I almost bagged out on her again today, but got an email from her this morning saying, "Yipee!...I have no time constraints.  Give me a ring when you are ready to go..."  That is all I needed!  My head cleared up and I was ready to go at 1:30.  We were on our way to Napa!

On the winding drive over the Cavedale grade, we discussed everything from what I should do with my hair to husbands and writing our blog.  "Should I change the name of my blog?"  I asked, "Everyone has such cool names for theirs."

"No way!"  said Adrienne, "'Bodeci' is my new word!  It means..."  (We'll get into this later.)

Adrienne taking a picture of me. You can see the other side on her blog
  (Gosh, she is so gorgeous! But, I love her anyway.)

She took me to one of her favorite restaurants, the Rutherford Grill, in, of course, Rutherford.  But,  we are supposed to be on a budget!  (And she's my teacher!)   She said, "I'm not cheap, just selective.!  Can anyone live like a freaking miser all of the time?"  HELL NO!  We both agreed.  "What I want people to know is that I am choosy on how I spend my money."

While sipping fresh squeezed grapefruit juice and Kettle One vodka cocktails, we dined al fresco.  We shared grilled artichokes, a seared yellowtail sandwich, 'very wild rice' salad and heirloom tomatoes with fleur de sel.  Awesome!!  Our waiter, Tad was a great guy.  Don't you just love it when you feel welcome at a fantastic restaurant?

With our tummies satisfied (we don't do 'full') it was time for a bit of shopping.

We had fun at Dean & Deluca's looking at the price tags.  Ouch!
I still haven't been tutored in the art of Hermes scarf tying.
What should I do with my hair?  Cut it really short again?  It is so much easier for my profession.

What is 'bodeci'?

 Bodeci is the beautifully woven basket I bought at the farmer's market I use to harvest my vegetables with.

Bodeci is the faux patent leather shopping/ picnic bag I purchased at Dean & Deluca's.  I will use it as a my everyday bag and more!  (There are compartments for two bottles of wine and a cell phone.  Very handy!)

Bodeci is eating mostly healthy vegetables and fruits.  (This is my 'salad sandwich with fresh strawberries.  All from my garden.)

And the occasional treat....

We didn't eat these, but we did share a gelato!
Bodeci is knowing when to say, "let's go play hookie!"

I love my girlfriend, Adrienne.  We are kindred spirits!  Thank you for such a fabulous day!  (Any thoughts on what I should do with my hair?)

Now, find your 'bodeci' today!  You want to hear more?  Go to the rich life on a budget.


  1. You are every bit as pretty as Adrienne (and your hair is looks great!)

    Glad you two had a nice day...

  2. Hi Debra,

    Looks like you had a wonderful both look awesome.

    Love your scarf!


  3. Thanks so much guys! We did have a ball. Maybe you can join us sometime?

  4. Well, you never know when I will be up in Sonoma! My husband and I are looong overdue for a trip up there...