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Thursday, July 22, 2010

I love being here right now!

Nancy came up to me after my Bodeci workout class Saturday morning and said, “I really appreciated a comment you said this morning.  You said, ‘I love being here right now!’”

(Nancy J., my amazing Bodeci workout substitute teacher, performing a reverse crunch.)

I had been performing a particularly grueling exercise and was close to exhaustion.  Nancy went on to tell me, “It made me stop my usual strand of self-talk and be present.  It made a huge difference in my experience with what was happening at that moment.”

Like me, many of us regularly project away from “the moment” with self-depreciating thoughts or ruminations of past or future experiences.

For the rest of the day, I purposed to “love being here right now” and I felt a sense of peace and fulfillment moving through me. While at a big engagement party later that day, I became aware of an old feeling of anxiety.  But I remembered my focus and found myself enjoying moments shared with friends, old and new.  Instead of, “I hope so-and-so isn’t offended I haven’t been over to talk to her yet.” or “I probably shouldn’t have worn these shorts” or  “shoot, I didn’t finish my Bodeci thought” I slowed down my mind and stayed “in the moment”.

Slow your thoughts.  Look where your feet are.  That is where you are supposed to be:  In “the moment”!  

Helen, started with me February 1st

 Bodeci body of month 

Today, she has lost 41 pounds of fat and gained 17 pounds of muscle.



  1. Yes Deb! I agree with you. Slow is the way to go!
    Helen looks terrific - a noticeable difference and a huge accomplishment.


  2. Thanks A! BTW: those scones were amazing! Your fabulous "bonus" daughter is an amazing cook. (Way to go, T!)

  3. I love the 100 less! I had 5 lbs that I had gained during a trip in January to Egypt and just couldn't lose it. I started doing the 100 less - and it worked! Yippee! I finally did it - and it wasn't that hard - 100 calories here, another 100 there! Now I am ready to start the 5 more in my workouts!

  4. Way to go, Marchelle! I know how hard it is to not freak out after putting on weight. The first thing that happens for me is to immediately think, "diet time!" But, when I think that way, I start to think I will be deprived and when I think I'll be deprived, I want to scarf everything in my kitchen! Slow is the way to go!