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Monday, August 16, 2010

What is Sabotaging Your Weight Loss?

I have just lost my entire post.  I've spent an hour or more flip-flopping my sentence structure before it had made sense.  Then, while typing, at a mindless speed, the post vanished.  How did I lose it?   I tried everything I knew to retrieve it.  I am just a bit frustrated!

How is it we can't lose weight as easy as we lose a document, an engagement ring or a pair of designer sunglasses?  Then we are frustrated when we can't lose it as quickly as we desire.  Similarly, we are frustrated when we lose our car keys having just had them a moment ago.

Weight loss, for most of us, is more of an emotional endeavor than a physical one.  Have you ever stopped to ask yourself what your motivation is for losing weight?  I have asked each and every client who desires to lose weight what their motivation is.  Here are the two most common answers:

     1.  "I want to look better and have more confidence."  
I'd say, when my client finally is truthful, that this is the most common answer given.  We feel better about ourselves when we can fit into our clothes.  And, there is a sense of achievement when we can maintain a size that is enviable to our peers.

     2.  "I want to be healthier."  
There are a number of people who really do not seem to care whether or not they look better, they want to be able to feel physically stronger and have a better quality of life.  Often this person is dealing with some kind of health issue.

    Let's face it,  we care what people think about how we look or how disciplined we are.  In the world we live in today we are bombarded with perfect looking bodies everywhere we turn.  It can be downright exhausting to try to compete with all we are exposed to.  Stop competing, and move towards a leaner, healthier body right now by giving up the diet mentality!

This is easier said than done.  I am sure all of you would love to never have to think about dieting again as long as you live.  Well, then do it!  Let me guide you!

For today, give yourself permission to simply observe how you eat and what your true desire is when it comes to food.  If you are a sugar junkie, getting your appetite under control can be difficult.  Once you eat sugar, your blood sugars elevate , but, will drop quickly. This process can make us feel hungry, even if we aren't truly hungry.  When we diet we feel deprived and hungry and our blood sugars drop.  This is when we will eat anything that will fulfill us.  Usually, it is the high octane carbs, such as cookies, chips and breads, that we will jump on when given the opportunity.

Marchelle, Bodeci Body of the month.  She lost the weight she gained vacationing by doing the "10 minutes, 100 less and 5 more"  program.   More on Marchelle and her fantastic achievements to come!

Once you have openly discovered your patterns, make the choice to eat healthier; more vegetables, more fruits, legumes and whole grains.  When you want a special treat, allow it, but only if it is a treat you truly desire and find extraordinary in it's appearance, texture and flavor.  Do not settle for less!

I have seen time and again my client's disciplined weight loss plan begin on Monday.  Then it's the weekend and Friday through Sunday is a buffet line in Vegas.  I know, you are human.  Deprivation and suffering doesn't work for more than a few days.  (You'll only put on more weight because you make up for the dieting deprivation by eating whatever and whenever you can from Friday through Sunday.  Huh..)

If you want to feel unsuccessful, diet, if you want to feel strong and powerful,  don't diet, be mindful.  A great book on the subject is Brian Wansick's "Mindless Eating".  Read it and understand what is behind FAT!  You are not to blame for your ignorance.  You have been fed a bunch of junk!  (No pun intended!)

No more frustration!  Today you are a human being.  So, be human!


  1. What do you recommend for the person who hates to exercise? I'm 43 and I have gained a good 10 lbs. in the past 3 years. My clothes don't fit and that makes me feel miserable. I have also been diagnosed as hypoglycemic. I love good food and vegetables, but I have two young sons and sometimes I find myself eating pizza and burgers way more than I should. I also love a scone with my morning coffee. And one more thing, I live in Vegas and doing anything outside in the summer is not a pleasant experience.

  2. Dear What's...,

    Oh, that old "forty-something" shift!

    I think a lot of people HATE what today's idea of exercise is: treadmills, stairclimbers, sweaty gyms and the "MINIMUM recommendation" of, one hour a day, six days a week. Sounds more like a prison sentence! I checked out your blog and yo are downright gorgeous! You absolutely cannot live with those extra ten!

    Here is what I think you should do: (First, review my blog on 10 minutes, 100 less and 5 more.) With each meal you eat, no matter if it scones, french fries or a slice of pizza, try to eat 20% less of it. On the other hand, if it is any kind of non-starchy vegetable, eat 20% more. continue to gradually ratchet down the highly caloric foods and ratchet up the lean ones. (In fact, try sneaking vegetables into various recipes or ask the wait person to add more of those and less of the rice, potatoes or pasta.)

    As for working out, you have two boys (I do, too! They are both in college and the oldest just left this morning down to LA for his Junior year! I am an empty nester again...) and I know they must give you a run for your money! Clean your home (or a part of it) like you have an important guest arriving in 30 minutes, bust hump! Move a bit more and faster; take the stairs, park farther away; do a few push-ups against the bathroom counter top while your body dries after a shower; do fifty crunches while tuning in to the news or some such viewing entertainment.

    Then tune in tomorrow and I'll write an entire post about this very common dilemma!

    Now get off your computer for three minutes and do those push-ups! (Check out my youtube, five minute workout. Search: bodeci1 and/or bodeci.)