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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I'm on my way to the races and I'm running late! (Is that a misnomer?)

This is one of those days.  And I am running late.

I have been feeling like a rubber band stretched a bit too tight.

We moved the kids (again) this last weekend.

 It takes a village.

But, it takes a hell of a lot more than that!!

(You know how it goes.)

  We love our boys.  
Here's GianPaolo, home for a few weeks until we have to to move him down to his new school in L.A.  I love you, GianPaolo!  (Now, go make some money.)

We moved our younger son, Jordan, to another apartment down in Santa Barbara.  He will be a Sophomore this year (and he got a job!).   His girlfriend just left to go back to Chico after spending most of the summer with us.  Another move.

There are chapters ending and chapters beginning.  Randy and I are needed for all of the necessary transactions.  (Transactions, sounds like banking! )

So, we have committed to a day at the races with friends.   They are held at our local county fair.  We usually place a few bets and lose a little bit of $.  Then there is the food!  I finally have lost my appetite.  Too darn tired to think about fair food!  Why am I so tired?  I want to have fun.  I want to see my friends.  But, I am pooped.  Is it that I am getting older?  NO!  I am getting more needed for BIGGER objectives!   And, if it were just me, it'd be only MY stresss.

Here's to LIFE!

Remember Luba?   This is her twelve years ago.

And here she is today!!  Wow, Luba did it the BODECI way.  She was able to lose about thirty pounds and went from 35% body fat to under 19%!  All in it's time;  She did it gradually,  about two and a half years.  Now, she is a total health enthusiast.  I almost have to tell her to "ease up, already!!" 

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