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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pausa di Tiempo per Bodeci

My computer needed a rest.  I was a bit ready for one myself.  Am I going to grow old with my lap top strapped to me?

I took a break.  A rather long break.  And while it felt good, I had to work at not reacting to those demon voices in my head.  I decided I'd let them talk, and I could listen if I wanted, but it didn't mean I had to take heed.   And so, I took a break, senza sensi de colpa (without guilt).    

It was hot and my son came home for a surprise visit.   (Here with girlfriend, K)

After saying good-bye to my last client of the week Friday, I felt some angst because I wasn't prepared for my next BODECI body post.  Then it occurred  to me; what if I were to put my computer to rest over this entire HOT weekend and prendere il sole?  (soak up the sun)
Had to stare out this window for no good reason.   My chia pet is happy sitting around, and look how productive he is!

It wasn't difficult to put my computer away for a bit.  It was, however, kind of painful that I wasn't posting my next blog or responding to emails.  But, to live Bodeci means to take a rest when you work hard.  And, so I did.

K and I went for manicures and pedicures then she colored my hair.    Just as she slathered the last bit of color on my head, I informed her I had guests coming for dinner in a few minutes.  Yes, I had hair dye all over my head and no makeup on my face.  Not cool.  But, it was my dear friend Adrienne (Rich Life on a Budget) and she didn't seem to notice.  Oh, and guess what?  I didn't run through my house perfecting it like a freaking crazy woman before company!

When I was young, before kids and never ending responsibilities, I had plenty of time to fissare intorno (lay around) and still get stuff done.  But, after nearly twenty-three years of motherhood coupled with the role of breadwinner, I don't know how to just be these days.  I am reawakened to myself and there are times when I need to become still and simply be.  It was one of those weekends.

Mi e' piaciuto!  (I loved it!)

When was the last time you took a break from your computer, cell phone or "to do" list?  What did you do differently?  How did it feel?  I am living to find out!


  1. love your photos and your attitude. you one cool lady.

  2. Debra,

    Do not feel bad about that! As much as I enjoy your blog, you certainly deserve some time off... I've noticed some bloggers who haven't posted anything in a month!

    I gradually started taking a break from daytime T.V. over the years, some days it isn't on at all. (especially since my T.V. in the kitchen died). I have been hinting to my husband lately I wouldn't mind a replacement however. :)


  3. I have become an expert at taking guilt-free breaks. You deserve it...especially during this heat!

    Loved all the pictures.


  4. Isn't it crazy that we should feel so guilty about taking a break? It feels so good to just play hooky from technology (or the to do list) sometimes.