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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Art of Simple

This is going to be a very short post.  Quick and to the point.

If you've gained a few pounds or just feel kind of frumpy, you can make an instant change in how you feel about yourself by simply shifting your attitude.

What is beautiful about you?  Write it down and keep the list with you, you may have more to add as the day goes on.  And you may need to take a look at those words every now and again to get yourself back on track to feeling good.

Put yourself together and look fabulous.  Take the time to pick out an outfit that flatters the best of you.  Make the effort to groom yourself to a tee.  Then smile.  In fact go out of your way to smile at everyone you see today.  Notice the shift in them. You will be remembered.  And the world will ultimately be better for it.

Substance, as defined in Webster's dictionary:  the quality of being important, valid, or significant.  The most important or essential part of something; the real or essential meaning.  The subject matter of a text, speech, or work of art, especially as contrasted with the form or style in which it is presented.

Meaningful, content.  Meaningful content.

This is the award!
I have been bestowed an honor by a fellow blogger, The Rich Life (on a Budget):
"A Blog With Substance"

The rules:  

Sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation, and experience using five words. And then pass it on to another blog which you feel has real substance. 
(Actually I'm supposed to pass it on to ten blogs, but you know how I like to break the rules.  I'm giving it to two.) 

philosophy:  Give and live with joy.

motivation:   Play hard.  Work hard. Rest.

experience:  Observation and trusting my gut.

Thank you Adrienne!   

And now I pass this award to (drumroll):  

Adrienne de Pitera.  I enjoy her blog because she comes from such a real place.  I feel her warmth and generosity of spirit in her writing.  

Fiona, from How to be Chic has inspiring tips on living the chic life and she writes from New Zealand, which I find very cool!


  1. Love it!! Thank you so much. As an adult sufferer of ADD, I may or may not get to this tomorrow. Time is a real issue with most of us, but we do eventually get to whatever it is we need to do.

    My favorite quote about ADD and time perception is from DR. Hallowell, a fellow ADD'er, who has written many books on the subject. He states that for adults with ADD there is only two times, "now" and "not now." That is sooooo accurate!!

    As to being real? The older you get the more real you get...

    And thank you for another great and inspirational post.

  2. Adrienne! I, too, have adult ADD. I used to think of it as "a sufferer of" but have found my ADD has its amazing skills. I can read a room like no one else. I actually teach to 100 better than train to 1. So, my dear girl, let's celebrate. We have talent!
    BTW: When Rich Life gave me the honor I had too many things going on. She called me to ask if I'd read my post and feared she may have done something wrong by awarding me. I was thrilled, but I couldn't take on the requirements. Then A tough one, all the time!

    When it is the right time, it is the right time.

  3. Oops, lost part of my comment. Last sentence should read:
    Then I figured, "we're all human!". A tough one, al the time!

  4. Thank you for the honour Debra. I'm thrilled to be involved.

  5. I am sitting here cracking up because my husband told me last year I have ADD, and I totally admit that it is true, I think I had 3 projects going at once today in the span of 30 min. Maybe it has something to do with menopause? Ha Ha...


  6. Well deserved, Fiona!

    Linda, my husband believes ALL women have ADD. After all, aren't we the ones who've had to multi-task our way through raising kids etc? I have no doubt that those three projects are more fun when done as a relay than done separately!

  7. I just followed you here after reading your post on Fiona's blog. I'm so happy I did! Can't wait to read more.