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Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Garden (Bodeci) Party

My sun tea, from left: white pomegranate, black mango and "Duchess Grey".  Trader Joe's

Simple flower arrangement on the food table.  Pretty hand towels in ceramic holder (a birthday gift from Adrienne.  I loved one of her first blogs about them) beautifies my bathroom.  

My flowers were all dead-headed recently, so I welcomed my girls with this cute little sitting area near my front door and a painting I did years ago depicting Sonoma Valley lifestyle.

(As you sing my song, please sing it to the musical score of "Garden Party" by Ricky Nelson)

I had a BODECI party to reminisce with my old friends
a chance to share old memories and talk 'bout our kids again.
 So, I went to the veggie garden to harvest stuff to eat.
Then I washed, sliced, grilled, seasoned and created a wonderful treat.

Grilling my harvest is easy with one of these vegetable grillers.

But, it's all right now, we've learned our lesson well, 
"If you can't please anyone then ya got to please yourself!"

I tossed my grilled vegetables with olive oil, vinegar, fresh ground pepper, sal de mer, fresh basil and shaved Parmesan Reggiano.  Served in my grandmother's 1950's salad bowl.

Christina's white bean roasted pepper casserole,  Kathy's chicken lettuce wraps,
Amy's arugula, fig salad and the sun tea brought major claps!
Deborah's sliced tomatoes vinaigrette and steamed green beans from the vine
with Ellen's stuffed mushroom caps, Oh! it was quite divine!
 Easy party trick: keep a Bodeci basket nearby to toss those papers, notes and stuff
you always have on your counter top. (My laptop fits in nicely, too!)

But, it's all right now, we've learned our lesson well, 
"Ya see we can't please everyone so we got to please our self!"

The girls arrive!

Donna made this awesome vegetable farrow (sp?) salad, a highlight of our day
We were getting ready for desert  along with a bit of Chardonnay.
Then April's oatmeal/ coconut cookies and Trisha's soft brie & grapes
We knew to enjoy just a bit cuz we want to keep our shapes!

From left background: Christina, Kathy, Amy, Deborah, Donna
Foreground:  April and Ellen
But, it's all right now, we've learned our lesson well, 
"Ya see you can't please everyone so ya got to please yourself!"

Said hello to Seamac, our "pool guy" and good friend,
he said, "Have fun and take a dip, just gotta give it 'bout ten.
So Donna, April, Amy and I stripped down to our swimsuits
then jumped into my warm, aqua pool with giggles, hollers and hoots!

Amy, Donna and April splash  and play!

But, it's all right now, we've learned our lesson well, 
Ya see I can't please everyone so I got to please myself!
Stay tuned for my scarf tying competition modeling show!
Asked to model my Hermes scarf, (Oh, I'm such a ham!)
Everyone had a chance to try and make me a bit more glam!
We can show those photos another time cuz I'm sure you want to take
a little time off (Well, it's Labor day, so, go take a break!)

Rocky and Boomer share a bit of insight about us girls.

But, it's all right now, I've learned my lessons well, 
Ya see we can please everyone as long as we please ourself!

The End (for now!)


  1. Debra,

    Love the new look of your blog! And I'm sorry I missed all the fun girl time. Looks like a blast...



  2. And you were missed, A! We really did have a great time, just being girls! We'll do it again before the days get too short and the weather chills.

  3. Those veggies look sooo good! We really need to get going on our vegetable garden!