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Monday, October 4, 2010

Viaggiare Leggeri a la Bodeci

Golly!  What a nice breakfast for us parents!  Well, I guess for the cost of the tuition...

Moving through the airport requires agility!  I could really move in comfort with this travel outfit.  My only
problem was I like better foot support, but with airline security I wanted slip-off ease.

It was "Parent Weekend" at my son's school and I wanted to travel light.  This is has been a difficult task for me in the past, but I'd worked at perfecting it.  We had to be up at 4:30 and out the door by 5:00 AM to catch our 6:30 flight from Santa Rosa to L.A.  I decided I would carry one small carry-on and wear only one outfit with options.  My black jeggings and cami from "White House Black Market" and my "Melissa" flip flops were the main pieces I worked with.  I added my white button down stretch cotton blouse from "H&M" on the plane and to our first event at the school: The Dean's Breakfast and a 'sit-in' on my son's screen writing class.  I felt fresh and appropriate for the entire day and all I had to cart around was my inexpensive ($40) bag from "Dean and Deluca" and my red "Swiss Army" travel tote.  No problem!

Felt quite comfy. That black bag (left) on my right can hold my laptop,  small make-up bag, notebook, magazines, two pairs of glasses with cases, my water bottle, an apple, large wallet and camera.  The cardigan looks better buttoned up to a cowl neck, but it was still warm before dinner.

Later that evening we went for appetizers at the “Yard House” then to “Fleming’s” for dinner.  I took off the white shirt and topped my look with a “Linq” cowl, double-breasted, elbow-length sleeve, cotton knit sweater.  The entire weekend I wore my diamond stud earrings, gold Rolex watch and black-pearl pendant.  Simple and elegant.  (Oh, and my "new" aviators via "Rich Life".  She was ready to put them on eBay.  I saved her the trouble!)

At the Trojans vs. Huskies game, I wore my simple logo T with knee length logo shorts and "Van's" slip-on sneekers.    Easy to pack in my carry-on tote.

Along with the football game wear, I packed simple cotton lounge pants and tank for sleep and put-zing about.  (While traveling, I like to feel prepared for potential evacuation, so my sleepwear can easily become comfy wear.)  I also had my small make-up bag, face and dental requirements and a small styling gel.  My iPhone, laptop, magazines and travel documents all went in my "Dean & Deluca" patent leather shopping tote.  Very roomy making it easy to find my money and identification.  

The Bodeci method of "Weekend Travel is to mantenere le cose seplici! (keep it simple!)  If unencumbered and comfortable, you will move with freedom and energy.  What is your "Weekend Travel Wardrobe"?  Any late fall/ winter ideas?  I'd love to hear!


  1. You look smashing in all three of your outfits, but I love #2 the most. That sweater is gorgeous!
    I am the last person anyone should take packing tips from - so I can't contribute. Instead I am learning from you!

    Kisses and hugs,

  2. What fun! And you look fabulous, as always. I'll bet G loved having you there.

  3. A,
    I will never "over pack" again! Then, of course it was only a weekend. That said the focus on "stretch" really helped. Thanks so much and thank you for taking care of Rocky and Boomer!

    I was fun and I got to act in one of Gian's films. I played the 'older/ sick woman'. It was fun,but wasn't sure how to pull off the 'role'. (He's a good director.)
    : )

  4. I've always been a light packer but can always learn how to do it better. Your White House Black Market outfit is cute! And I love your black bag and how roomy it is. I need one!

  5. Cherie, my black bag was one of the best accessory investments I've made this year. It handles so much! When I forget to bring my shopping bag into a market, I just pack it full and away I go.

  6. Hi Debra,

    Love your White House/Black Market outfit with the cardigan...

    You must be very proud of your son, but you should be proud of yourself as well that he achieved this even though you were a single parent for so many years.

    I'm wearing a sweater from H&M at this very moment. :)


  7. Hi Linda,
    You are so kind to acknowledge the work it takes for single parenting, but who better than a single parent!
    Yes, I feel like it is MY turn a bit and having fun with my life.
    Don't you just love H&M?