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Monday, September 20, 2010

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

My honey.  He's so fun!

My son, G and his lovely girlfriend, K.
My son, J and his lovely girlfriend, R.

My cat, Tickles.  She wakes me up every morning before five.  Most times she brings "gifts".    She's amazing.

On my night stand at 5:17 this morning, my favorite brew.  Made by a simple machine called Senseo, by Phillips.  I cannot believe the yummy flavor and "la crema" foam.  A bit chipiped, my fav cup handmade by famed ceramics artisan, Catarina of Sienna, Italy.
My raspberries picked fresh and eaten for breakfast.

I get love from so many: my honey with Boomer, left, and Rocky.

And Baby.  She doesn't ask for a thing.  She's so sweet!

And Duders.  Adopted from my son because he couldn't have pets in his new dorm room.   

And, having my dear friends play with us on Saturday.  They are the best!

What more is there?


  1. Great pics! Yes, you've got it all! xo

  2. Enjoyed your pictures Debra! So you have wild raspberries too??? My grandmother in Idaho had a large raspberry patch and every time we would go visit in the summer the first thing we did was grab a pail and go pick some! To this day when I eat them it reminds me of grandma!


  3. Linda,
    I cannot tell you how many people, including myself and husband, have this exact memory. Whenever we bring someone out to our patch, they say, "Gosh, this reminds me of when I used to visit my grandmother..." While eating lunch my husband commented on a client telling her grandmother story today at our patch. We decided to call out patch, "Grandma's Raspberries"! Love it, great memories!

  4. Lovely post Debra, with gorgeous photos to match. Note how many of your favourite things have legs and a heart, and how many are inanimate? You've got it the right way around.