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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Hermes Scarf

April was quite creative with this style.  She accordion pleated the scarf, the wrapped it around my neck, tucking the ends through to created a very sophisticated ascot of sorts.  I brought my dogs into the photo as I felt very "English Country"  All I needed was my steed and my riding gear!

I had a Bodeci party.  What is a Bodeci party you ask?  I kept it simple, yet elegant with each of my seven girlfriends bringing their "signature" potluck dish for a summer day party,

The house, while clean enough, was given a quick once over to ensure bathrooms and kitchen, the two areas of my house the girls may go in, were 'guest' clean. We primarily stayed outdoors as the weather was perfect! 

This was Kathy's "look".  The triangle hip tie and I felt very "party-girl" in it, like I wanted to do a little salsa.  I felt a bit '60's hipster in it.

When Amy did the 'Jackie O" babushka, I couldn't help grabbing a pair of sunglasses from Christina and pretend to run from the paparazzi!  

Was this Donna or Deborah's idea?  It definitely showed off the scarf, but I felt a breeze on my backside!

Christina won the contest with the corners tied to my necklace then wrapped the others around my waist to make sort of a '70's halter style.  I just had to put on some bell-bottoms I tried making into hip-huggers.  I added my super high wedgie platforms and to complete the look, large hoop earrings.

This look, by Kathy, was the last look of the day.  A true halter, but it cowled in front.  Christina ran into my house and grabbed a martini glass for the "shoot". Felt like a celebrity hanging out in Monaco!

I love my girlfriends and thankfully they love me.  It was so much fun getting to play dress-up with them.  (I used to play dress-up as a kid, but when I became a 'responsible adult', I thought I'd lost the art.)  I know I will always be a goof-ball, we had such a great time being silly!  Who says we can't play like children in our fifties and beyond?  What do you do for 'playtime'?


  1. I love scarves but I have no neck and they usually end up looking strange on me.

    And you are disgustingly healthy and fit. Can I ship you up to North Idaho for a few months to get me back in shape? I've gone downhill since I turned 60 (I'll be 65 in Dec.)

  2. Dear Adrienne,

    Don't give in! Fight it! I will do a post tomorrow on how to get motivated after 60. It is so much more difficult the longer we wait. The reason I say to fight it is because it eventually pays off. I have some good ideas for getting started. Is weight loss a part of the issue?

    I am very inspired by your business and all it entails. I love my garden and I often think if I weren't a trainer I would do something like what you are doing.

    Thank you for your comment and more on this later!

    xoxox Deb

  3. Hi Debra,

    What a fun time and by the way, you look fantastic!

    I enjoy reading your blog so much, it keeps me motivated!


  4. Thanks Linda! That is what keeps ME motivated!

  5. Debra -

    As usual, you look fantastic in all of your pics. April and Christina are so talented with their scarf tying! I love their creations.


  6. Your blog is so much fun! I really like what you are doing.

  7. Thanks you guys!
    A, I wish you had been there, we missed you!

    It's good to see your smiling face!

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