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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Of Women, Wine and Weight Loss

Sophia says, "eat, drink and be merry,  mia amore!"
I am a fitness trainer. I am a woman.  I am a mother.  I am a wife.  I am a sister, a daughter, grand-daughter, niece, aunt, a friend, associate, acquaintance.  I am a an artist and a writer.  I am many things and not defined any one of them.
"What am I doing here?"

Many times I have been in the grocery store, shopping for my family, and my cart will bump into another belonging to a client or a student from my fitness class.  Their eyes dart to my cart to sleuth out my weaknesses.

She asked for it!

Before my boys went away to college, I may have had a frozen pizza or a bag of chips in my cart.  I may have had a bottle or two of wine.  I am sure I had half and half; it's all I'll use in my morning coffee.  It seems they find pleasure in inspecting what is in my cart like I'm up for public scrutiny; I do not get the same 'privacy policies' as the rest.

Yes, I've bought these,  and worse, for my kids.  

"You let your kids eat frozen pizza?"  "I didn't know you ate fat?" "I thought dairy was bad for you."  "So, you drink wine, huh?" "Why do you eat meat?"  "Is that for you?"
Can we live without wine and chocolate?

I am a human being.  Yes, I eat fat and dairy as well as white fluffy carbs.   And I enjoy a Martini.


I am a fitness trainer, yet do not hang out with many in my trade.  They can bore me to tears.  "Join our 'Runner's Club!'"  "I'm having a potluck.  Can you bring the edamame?"

I run all the time, thank you very much!  I run when I need to get somewhere quickly, but I prefer to walk fast.  Hit the gym?  I'd rather clean my windows so I can clearly see the beautiful countryside that surrounds me.
Can we play, now?

I have a lot of energy and use it for purpose or fun.  And, I understand the importance of having prescriptive exercise; exercise that creates balanced muscle and strength as well as cardiovascular health. This kind of exercise can be achieved in as little as fifteen minutes a day.  You simply have to know what prescriptive exercises your body requires to keep progressing and/ or maintaining it's youthful abilities.
are  beautiful.

I think of the fifty year old (plus) and exceptionally youthful, beautiful women I know and have known.  Most do not spend a second in a gym and they drink wine.  And eat fat.  And may even have a cigarette at a party.  They live life on their terms, with a sense of youthful abandon mixed with educated choices.

To them I say, "You are Bodeci, Il mia amore!'


  1. I once got a very rude comment on my blog accusing me of dressing in a really tacky and cheap fashion ( Since when were YSL and Chloe cheap??) and here's the kicker- they said "You dress like you're 50!" It was meant as an insult but I took it as a compliment. Frankly some of the most glamorous and attractive women I know are in their 50s. People are living til they're 90. 50 year olds are practically Young

  2. This post was such a fun way to begin the week. I love your attitude and agree 100%. Two olives in the martini, please...

  3. Hi Debra,

    Love the shopping cart comment...when I am in line at the grocery store I always look at what people ahead of me in line are buying, and most of the time it isn't good. Tons of junk food/soda and maybe one type of fruit or vegetable. So don't feel bad about a few bad items, we are all entitled once in awhile. Anyway, you look great so who cares?

    I cannot give up wine, chocolate or coffee. (all in moderate amounts of course!) :)


    P.S. I used to buy "Lunchables" many, many years ago.

  4. Dear Ms. FF, Thank you and I agree. Of course we've seen fifty year olds dress like they were sixteen and twenty-five year olds dress like a haus frau. I believe chic is not an age!
    Janice, Yes to the two olives!

    I have what I call the 80-20 rule. 80% of what I put in my body is organic, live, well prepared. the other 20 is "Oh Well!" I, like everyone, have to work at staying fit..I just don't like to work too hard!

  5. Thanks for this post. No one is perfect (and it's hard to get even close in this culture!). It's all about moderation.

  6. Debra, I love the women you have chosen who are beautiful. Jane Seymour seems ageless doesn't she? The 80/20 rule is so useful and applies to many things.

    I read once that Joan Collins smokes three cigarettes a day. And even though I don't smoke I thought that was quite cool, her own little rebellion.