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Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Italian in Me Wants Fall Clothing!

Italians love their shoes!  Oh yes, make sure no one has the same pair.
Sitting at the Piazza de Fiori at 5:00 on a gorgeous Spring evening, I was rapt with the women parading like models in front of me.  It was '99 and my first trip to Rome.  I knew then my fashion style would change forever.

I am a fitness trainer by profession, not by life!   So she had a cigarette.  The trick is to not be addicted!
Italian women dress with sophistication, but with an 'edge'.  An 'edge' I happen to rather enjoy!  They dress sexy, but 'not in your face'.

Without the midriff showing, I could wear this!
Sophia Loren has to be one of the most beautiful women in this world and she is smart and powerful!
Sophia is gorgeous.   A little cleavage went a long way!

I live BODECI.  I dress BODECI.  BODECI is sophisticated, edgy and subtly sexy.

Italians aren't too fond of overtly sexy.  They love clothes, not the lack thereof.  Great body, but she's young. 

Next week, I shop to enter Fall.  Thanks to all of my blogging friends for showing me their Fall wardrobe.  You are beautiful and unique.  You do not subscribe to a fad or set standard. You are not afraid to show your beauty and your individuality.  Thank you for the inspiration.

There is independence and freedom in the Italian woman.   Fun, too.  
My goal:  Find those few pieces I can use to create my BODECI  look, which is sophisticated, edgy and gently sexy.  Thank you Une Vie Chic for your help with my boots. 


  1. I'm ready for fall shopping as well. I'm heading to Florida next month to some of the fabulous outlet stores they have. I'm looking for some slacks to replace the ones that are now (yay!) too baggy on me. I'm going to be very selective and might come home with nothing. I suppose the French woman is coming out in me. :)

    Tell us about your boots!

  2. Sophia Loren - my hero. She eats pasta every day, but "only a little."

    Yes, shoes. If you have great shoes and a great handbag, the stuff in between is not as important.

    Americans dress too provocatively. I saw some very young teenage girls (they may have even been pre-teens) at the library yesterday dressed in tiny little tops with spaghetti straps. No way would a daughter of mine ever go out dressed like that. Where are the fathers??

  3. Debra,

    Have fun shopping for the fall clothes...I also need to plan a mini shopping trip in the next week or two. Make sure you show us what you purchased!

    I agree with Adrienne's comment...I even tell my daughter to pull up her shirt so her boobs aren't hanging out, and she is 22!


  4. I'm in the mood, too. I saw a gorgeous pair of Vera Wang boots advertised in the Kohl's yet!...and I am going to check them out today.

  5. Cherie, I, too, am going for selective (not cheaper or 'more in' . I have not been able to find the Kenneth Cole's Kalee (un vie chic) recommended. I think I may need to actually see my clothing this time and not rely on internet purchases.

    Adrienne, Don't you just love Sophia?? I agree with the shoes and handbag...Yes! I will make my boots a statement and let the rest fill in. I've got a great bag from a young designer in LA, "hammitt". Real sturdy in a deep red. Hmmm... you got me thinking!
    I, thank God!!! Did not have daughters. My sons girlfriends are very chic fashion wise and do not bare their bodies. My sons do not like that look. And it's not because they are goody-two-shoes, either! Just as us women prefer mystery and a well mannered man, men (my sons are 19 and 21), too, find women more beautiful with a sense of confidence and discretion.

  6. OOOO...If I check them out and love them I promise not to wear them to the same event...good tip!

  7. Hi and thanks for visiting my blog. You are very interesting and unique. Love your take on life! I'll be back.