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Thursday, September 2, 2010

"I Hate to Exercise...."

To those of you who hate to exercise, let’s talk. 

Do you feel pain or discomfort when you exercise?  There are a percentage of folk’s who cannot tolerate a few minutes, let alone an hour of exercise because of the bodily discomfort.  Perhaps as you read this you are thinking, “Who doesn’t feel pain or discomfort when they exercise?” 

Actually I love the feeling I get when I am lifting weights or doing resistance exercise.  I also love to dance (aerobically) with loud music.  I cannot stand running or even walking on a treadmill, but love to run if I have to get somewhere quickly.  It is all a matter of taste.

What the “exercise hater” needs to do is to think of what kind of movement she likes.  For example, do you enjoy working in your garden, cleaning your house, taking walks through the park?  Look into who you are and what truly floats your boat! 

Then simply add a few things to your “movement” such as squats while gardening and lunges during your walk.  You can do push-ups against the bathroom counter before you brush your teeth and crunches on the floor when you catch your favorite program.  You can do triceps dips off of the park bench.  For demonstration you may tune into my YouTube workouts  and  go ahead and clean your floors!   and

The End!

Don’t think of your exercise program as an hour a day, instead, think of doing five minute increments whenever you do something that requires you to move!    


  1. Hi Debra,

    It's funny you blogged about this today because this a.m. I did a few of your exercises off your You Tube videos since I had all the necessary equipment!

    I may not have felt pain WHILE I was doing it but I think I might be in pain tomorrow! Ha Ha...I'm already feeling it!! :) Thanks!!!


  2. You are so welcome and I am glad we got to work out together! More to follow!

  3. My mentor and trainer, Debra,
    I am like you in that I like to feel the pain when I work out but not because I love pain but because I know that my body is sculpting, building, strengthening and becoming healthier.

    After Tuesday night's Bodeci class, my little buns are sore, my back and arms are sore and I feel WONDERFUL because I know I did something good for my body.

    Even with the soreness, I am heading out with some girlfriends for a bike ride around our beautiful countryside this morning.

    Your grateful student,

  4. Thank you for this post. I feel that if I'm not doing the "no pain, no gain" 80s method of exercise that I might as well do nothing at all. I will try your you tube exercises and incorporate more exercises while do other things during the day. This was great information! Thank you so much.

  5. Dear Karen,
    You're devotion to my class has paid huge dividends; you look fantastic!

    Dear "What's",
    Absolutely a little goes a long way, especially if you make it consistent as in daily or four to five times weekly. Many of my clients and students do this type of training and it really works! Thank you!!