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Saturday, October 23, 2010

36 Days to Fit and Fabulous

Begin this weekend with a new thought;  we don't always have to indulge on the weekend and we never DIET!  Weekends are for relaxing and enjoying 'non-work'.  That's it!  Nobody said you are supposed to pig out over the weekend because you've been "good all week".  How about being just bad enough to enjoy life and just a bit more thoughtful as to how much and what you decide to eat.  You can easily give up a this or a that.  Just don't give up who you are over night!  A diet is a way of eating, to diet is to succumb to the industry!

Continue to Organize your kitchen fridge and cupboards as well as personal closet.  I know this is a daunting task and the weekend is a perfect time to make significant changes.  Do not ask anyone else, unless they are professionals, what they think you should keep or wear, it could lead to an uncomfortable situation later.  To help you, think about what you would bring with you on vacation for a week to a place with your current lifestyle and climate.

Drink water.  And if you get bored, add chopped fresh mint, ginger, cucumber, lemon and/ or herb tea.  Just drink it and try to drink more than you are used to.

Exercise the prescribed amount today.  Even if it is on the minimal side.  Even five minutes makes a huge difference!

Calories count and being prepared keeps it easy to keep track.  I have provided my basic shopping list for Trader Joes's and will be creating recipes from it in future posts.    It is easy to make good choices at TJ's and you want to be satisfied while eating for a thinner and/ or fitter YOU!  I go organic and unprocessed as much as possible.

Trader Joe’s
Alvarado Street Essential Flax and Italian turkey sandwich
Hummus  (for a lighter calorie try tomato basil or eggplant)                                                                                 
Salsa (I love Salsa Especial)
Feta cheese                                                                                 
Goat cheese  
Shredded Mozzarella Cheese
Canadian Bacon
Italian Style or low sodium Turkey breast (I am now roasting my own, but these are good for deli style)                                                                                                                                                        
Chicken Breasts (I like "tenders" as they are smaller and more tender!)                                                                      
Lean Beef   
Romaine Hearts                                                                        
Red Bell Peppers                                                                        
Green Beans            
onions, garlic
sweet potatoes, butter nut squash
berries, fresh or frozen

Alvarado Street Essential Flax bread (or other whole grain, this one is only 50 calories a slice) 
Corn and whole grain Tortillas                                                                                  
Akmak Crackers                                                                                   
Almonds and other nuts/ seeds
Dark chocolate                                    
Greek Yogurt
Light Sour Cream
½ + ½
whole milk
Alvarado Street Essential Flax french toast, yummy

Rice, soy milk       
Flax Flakes Cereal
whole grain and oat flour
Chicken Stock                                                                                    
Enchilada Sauce                                                                        
Soy Ginger Dressing
Organic Mayonnaise                                                                        
Olive Oil Spray                                                                           
Crushed Tomatoes                                                                                 
olive oil and vinegar
red pepper sauce
raw sugar
pure maple syrup
flavors and spices like vanilla, mustards, peppercorns, salts etc.

Canned Tuna (I prefer canned in olive oil)
Canned beans
whole grain pasta
brown rice

soda water
pure pomegranate juice

Imagine your best and be that!


  1. Looks like alot of the same stuff I load up on at T.J.'s...I saw the other day that they have the goat cheese rolled in cranberries for the holidays. Yum!

    My only beef with them is that they are gradually phasing out some brands and have replaced it with their own or they completely quit carrying an item that I used to buy, like Kashi Good Friends for example. So now I have to pay $4 for a small box at the grocery store and we go through 2 boxes a week. Grrr...



  2. Hi Linda,
    Just went shopping at TJ's today. I saw the cranberry goat cheese and I knew I would be checking it out! I noticed the same thing about their brand. They have brands that come and go. I had to revise my list before publishing today as things have changed so much. xo

  3. So many good ideas here! I have an abundance of mint in my yard and plan to start adding it to glasses of water...just to make the taste a little more interesting. I'm going give the Flax Flakes cereal a try too. Also the Alvarado Street bread with flax, though I still really like the California bread that you recommended to me so many years ago. I could go on and on.