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Friday, October 8, 2010

Come un Gattina!

Sometimes we just want to be kittenish.


 Remember those days when you could wake up, shake your head a bit and look cute?  (Well, perhaps more than just a shake of the head.)  What happens to us as we get on in years?   I am not talking about our wrinkles or the plumpness around parts that used to be lithe.  I am talking about an attitude.

Is this dress age appropriate for someone in her fifties?   Sometimes you just need to  let it rip.  Know your assets and show them advantageously and with taste.

Like Sophia, know what is fabulous about you and highlight it with clothing.  (Not the lack of clothing!)

Perhaps it is an attitude you wear under your hat?

So 'pimp'.  A hat or shades adds a bit of mystery and uniqueness.  

Being kittenish is to be subtly sexy, playful, loyal,  sweetly aloof,  interested,  and smart.

Women over fifty do not have to stop being kittenish!  Check it out...


Ellen Barkin
Jennifer Tilly

Holly Hunter


Katey Sagal

Sharon Stone and Iman

Kim Bassinger

Michelle Pfeifer

It takes a bit of work to maintain your appearance, but that is how it is for anything worth having, right?  I mean you spend money and time maintaining your car and your home so why not your body.  After all, your body is the only tangible thing you truly own.  So what's a little work for a lifetime of playful living?  There is no doubt that women are more confident when they feel attractive.  What can you do today that will make you feel fantastic inside and out?  Let me hear about it.

Who do you think is kittenish and why? 


  1. Love it!!! Always like to find time to be kittenish, my fellow Leo friend (Rooooaaarrrr!) And yes, time and money invested in my body to look and feel good is very, very worth it!!