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Saturday, October 30, 2010

29 Days to Fit and Fabulous!

Sabato presso il Ristorante!

We might meet some friends for dinner tonight.  After all it is Saturday.  I do not want to gain back the pound I lost this week.  I have been losing a pound every week only to gain the darn thing back by Monday morning.

This is a Bodeci weekend.  And it's time to put my money where my mouth is...

Begin by being conscious today.  Be mindful while around food and drink.  Stay conscious.  Remember why you are deciding to be conscious.  Remember how great it feels to enjoy the holidays a few pounds lighter and a bit stronger.
Some good books on eating and behavior around eating.  Mindless Eating is very interesting! 

Organize yourself a bit by calling ahead to the restaurant or checking them out online so you don't even have to look at the menu.  You can order a fabulous meal without being tempted by the Carbonara or Alfredo.  I will drink 16 ounces of water before leaving the house and again before I take my first bite or sip of my cocktail.  (I already know what I am going to have tonight:  shared appetizer of ceviche' and grilled artichoke and a fish taco.  My cocktail of choice is a very dry Kettle One Martini, shaken not stirred with a twist, per favore'!)

I will organize my outfit ahead of time so I won't feel anxiety while rooting through my clothes at the last minute.

Drink soup!  Here is my recipe for "Curried Sage and Butternut Squash soup with Pesto Oil".   And don't forget to make a big pot of my Negative Calorie Soup to have on hand.

Saute one medium chopped onion in two Tblsp. unsalted butter.  When onions are slightly browned add a teaspoon and a half of curry and saute for about a minute.  Add 4 cups chicken broth and 4 cups water. and bring to boil while peeling and cubing one butternut squash.  Add to pot.

This is the kind of peeler I use for the hard skin of the squash.

This is the knife I use to cut it.  They are pretty tough little buggers!

Slice a medium carrot into little "coins".  I used three little ones just because.  Add to pot.  Salt and pepper to taste.

While soup is cooking (approximately 30 minutes) use a food processor to finely mince two cloves of garlic with 1 cup of basil and 1/2 cup of extra virgin olive oil for the pesto oil.
In a  frying pan, heat a tablespoon of olive oil to just before smoking and fry approximately 6 sage leaves until crispy.  Keep an eye on them, shouldn't take too long.
Finish the soup with an emersion blender until creamy smooth, ladle into bowls, drizzle the pesto oil on top with crumbled sage leaves as a garnish.

Exercise with a bit more intensity.  You don't have to workout longer, just push yourself to a challenging level today.  And, again, if in doubt as to what to do, go to my video!

My wonderful students.  I am so grateful that I teach my Bodeci method workout.  I tell you what, if you are responsible to another or several others, you will most likely be more consistent.  Try exercising with a friend or two.

Calories Count so determine to EAT LESS!  Remember my rule of 5, 10 and 100?  Check it out again if you've forgotten.  It is the small and doable steps that get you where you want to go without one drop of suffering!

Imagine how much fun you will have dining out tonight (or the next time you dine out) when you can enjoy yourself without having to unbutton your top button!  Imagine feeling satisfied with less. 

Imagine the difference between depriving yourself with the old mindset of losing some unwanted weight and how great you feel knowing you are making those changes happen happily!  Godetevi la vita!


  1. I love butternut squash soup. I started making it because of some of the advice in "Let's Do Lunch."

    You recipe looks wonderful and I'm going to make it tomorrow. I can pick up a squash on the way home from church tonight. Thanks...

  2. Hi Debra,

    I am always getting out of the house later than I want to if I don't figure out what I am wearing ahead of time!

    Where did you get your peeler with the teeth on it? I have been slicing the peel off my butternut squash with a knife. (therefore wasting some) I agree, they ARE tough little buggers! God forbid they should slip, you could do some serious damage to yourself.

    Read "Mindless Eating" and "Food Rules"...both great books!


  3. Hi Adrienne,
    Let me know how the soup turns out. I don't know how your weather has been lately but ours makes for a perfect soup day!

    Hi Linda,
    I got that peeler at Sur La Table. It is a life savor as it peels like a dream! So easy. I just went to return my emersion blender as while I was making the soup, the little rotary blade fell out. Thus I could not show my finished product! Sur La Table looked up my purchase from two years ago then promptly replaced it! I love that kind of service. xoxox