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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

26 Days to Fit and Fabulous

Begin with your own personal mantra.

Of late, I have found a single sentence of say ten words or less, that conveys a thought of personal inspiration or reward, is really helpful when making lifestyle changes.  A while back, I had a few clients using the phrase, "say no, lose a pound" and another, "how will this make me feel later?".  The simplicity made it easy to remember and helped them to be more mindful during weak moments.

Find a mantra of your own.  Cultivate it first by writing what behavior needs some consciousness.  Then take a moment and feel what you would need to hear just at the moment of caving in to an old behavior you want to change.  Really hear this conversation to the point of understanding its message with a few carefully chosen words.  Write it down a few times and place reminders at various locations where you may need a bit more encouragement.

Organize the most daunting of all your "piles" for fifteen minutes, only.  Just dig in and get as much accomplished as you can then stop after fifteen minutes.

Drink water, drink water, drink water and if this is difficult, try tea. Warm and soothing.  In fact, right this minute drink water.  Then stretch a bit.

Good stretch, just do it.  

Exercise and don't even think about an excuse as you can do five minutes!   In fact, do it, right now.

Calories count so eat a bit less of them.  Eat more vegetables.  Try new ways to pack them in:   stir fry, roasted, pasta and rice dishes.  You will not starve and you will not be deprived.  You can have anything you want, just less of it.  And eat more vegetables, please.
My bean soup made easy:  A few cups of Bodeci Negative Calorie soup, a can of favorite beans, left over chicken or  Negative Calorie meatloaf.  I heat mine in a crock for a few hours on high.  Season to taste and add a slice of avocado. 

Grilled summer veggies.  Now you can slice thin some root vegetables, brush them with olive oil and salt and pepper and bake in the oven for about an hour on 350o.

Imagine all that you are right now.  Notice what is outstanding about you in every way.  Keep this visual in your heart.

I'd be interested in hearing your favorite mantra.


  1. Hi Deb!! Just catching up on your blog, was a few behind! Wonderful stuff and I can't wait to make the soups (love, love, love soup!!). I'm skipping class tonight, been under the weather and I need to regain my strength before I sabotage it by overdoing it. Hopefully see you Thurs. Met my October goal....down 5 pounds, 10 more to go before Christmas!

  2. You rock Cathy. I am so happy for you. It is no small feet to make changes and I have seen them on you. I am sorry you are under the weather. Feel better soon. See you when your doing better. xox D

  3. OK...I like the idea of a food conncected mantra and am trying a few out. I already have one for daily living: Lighten up, Janice! (said when I overthink things, which I often do)

  4. Yes and I think, how much do I really need anyway? Keep it simple sort of thing. Your lighten up works for fit and fabulous, too!