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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

O stands for: Organize your world!

Now that you have begun the BODECI method, it’s time to organize your world. It will take some time to get used to new habits and ways of thinking, and by preparing well, you will find these transitions comfortable and even enjoyable.

Organize your kitchen to serve your new body.  Get rid of those items that will tempt you to old ways.  Plan ahead with a shopping list of foods you enjoy and nurture a healthy lifestyle.   Prepare your foods so that you will be able to make good choices.  Make sure you clean and properly store your vegetables, have hardboiled eggs, unsalted almonds, apples, berries, sliced turkey, Bodeci negative calorie soup and meatloaf, and plenty of water and water type beverages on hand at all times.  Keep a list of your personal basics to use for future shopping trips.  

Some of todays fridge and pantry items.  I am trying to use up the items I have before stocking up again.
Stocking a weeks worth of groceries is best for success!  Plan!

Organize your car so that you may use it as a sanctuary instead of a stress mobile.  You spend a lot of time in your car; make it a comfortable place that will give you peace and a break from your hectic life.  Soothing, nurturing music or inspirational tapes are wonderful ways to shift your attitude. 

Organize your personal space.  Get rid of clothing or shoes that are over-the-hill.  Buy a few things that will transition you to your new body. You need to feel attractive every day; go through accessories, make-up and personal products; toss out old or outdated items, and restock if necessary.  When in doubt, store those items in a separate box.  In six months, if you haven’t had a need or desire for those items (or that you can simply live without them) send the box off to a friend or favorite charity. 

Part of my closet today.  I can see what I have and am organized by 
separating jackets, tops, bottoms, dresses and accessories.  

Organize your people.  I know this sounds kind of manipulative, but the truth is you will need to have your family and friends’ help and support.  Let them know immediately that you’ve made a decision to make some positive changes in your life and that your intentions are not to make life more difficult for them, but rather you are giving yourself the gift of honoring your deepest desire; to have a fitter, healthier body. 

Trust me, they want it for you, too, but alas there is an element of selfishness in all of us and some of them may forget that your life isn’t just for making them comfortable and content! (So listen up, my supermoms and/ or work-a-holics, you will need to make yourself a priority!)

It is time to purge your environment of all the things that bind you to your old unproductive lifestyle and prepare yourself now for the new one!  While your at it, how about all those "too good to be true" diet books and plans.  They only serve to remind you of a past failures.  

The BODECI method is about shedding deprivation and  shame while shedding old outdated modes for changing your body.  Andiamo!  Organize a closet or a drawer,  allow yourself a short time frame, say fifteen minutes, then be done with it!  Keep it simple, and you will succeed!

How to Enjoy a Snack

Ak Mak cracker with a light spread of honey dijon, chopped onion, garden lettuce.  
Topped with a half slice of swiss, turkey breast and fresh ground pepper.

Made two and ate one then thought to take photo.  Everything was put away before I sat down to my snack.  OK, I went to my computer to do some work while eating it, but I didn't go back for more.  Too much work and by the time I gave it anymore thought I was totally satisfied!

What is your favorite healthy snack?  I'd love to hear from you!  

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  1. So many great tips Debra, thanks! I love the one about making your car a sanctury. I like my car to be empty of 'stuff' except for the odd thing like an umbrella or a map book. A friend's car stresses me out if she drives me - it has bills, hankies, cassettes, CDs, shopping from last week, library books, you name it, it's covering the seat you want to sit on. It's not that I'm not grateful she's picking me up, I just don't see how she doesn't notice it!

    It's such a pleasure to look at your organised and clutter-free fridge, pantry and wardrobe.