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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

D stands for: Drink Water, (Drink Wine?)

I’m sure I don’t need to elaborate much more than that…drink water! The big question is always how much to drink.  Most of us need about 64 ounces daily, but because of the large amount of water found in fruits and vegetables, you may only require 48 ounces or 6 eight ounce glasses. 

I have green and herb tea during the day as well as the rare "lo-carb" drink.  Avoid sodas, as they truly have a negative impact on our bones and muscles.  Moreover, most diet sodas contain sweeteners that raise blood sugar just like sugar does, thus you get the sugar blues and eventually more cravings for sweets and refined carbohydrates. It was determined in one study that people actually gain more weight drinking diet sodas than those who drink regular soda.  (I have read it a billion times, just don't have the study here to quote. Google it if you are interested.)  Both aren’t good for you, and because they contain phosphorous, they leach your bones of calcium.  NOT GOOD!  Sodas also bloat the stomach and create gas.  Ah… enough said about that.*

Your negative calorie soup is a great source of water and fiber, so eat up!  Drink more water if you sweat a lot during exercise, but drink moderate amounts throughout the day, as chug-a-lugging will distend your gut and make you feel bloated. 

Drinking water or other water sources will take away food cravings. Try drinking four ounces of water before going for the goodies, and drink eight ounces extra for every alcoholic beverage you have. You’ll feel a whole lot better and you will have more self control around food.

Just drink it, will you!

That said, what about your wine or other alcoholic beverages?  The ruling is: drinking alcohol has health benefits. Now, stop before you run to the liquor store! It is, again, about moderation. Moderation is the key to a healthy lifestyle with a bit of fun thrown into the mix.  (Another Bodeci must; fun!)

Regarding alcohol consumption, this is a variable, but for sure one drink for women and two for men is considered healthier than abstinence.  I am not here to judge the amount of alcohol you drink.  I only provide BODECI information and if you drink to a point to where there are problems associated with it, even what may seem unimportant to you, go to the middle or abstain all together. (Or stop reading and “get thee to a Nunnery”).  

I hate to sound like a broken record, but you’ve GOT to choose your poison.  What is not a deal breaker is not going to often be a part of your daily and habitual consumption.  It is totally up to you to decide what you will absolutely not live without. I, for example, cannot have my one (sometimes two) cup of half-caf with anything other than half and half, period. I can give up the caffeine and juice and even wine  (maybe not my Bodecini) but I will not have my first and only cup of half-caf with anything other than half and half.

So, I say this to you:  If you want to have a leaner body, you will ABSOLUTELY need to nourish it with the best possible intentions and this means deciding to drink less of your daily calories and drink more water and water type foods and liquids.

[1] Soft drinks contain high levels of phosphates and its consumption has long been suspected of lowering calcium levels and increasing phosphate levels in the blood.  When phosphate levels are high and calcium low, calcium is leached from the bones. - Michael Murray MD and Joseph Pizzorno MD, "The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine, Revised Edition".


  1. Great post!

    I am a big water drinker. I take a re-fillable bottle with me everywhere I go. Even to the grocery store. I also have a carafe of water and a cute little glass on my nightstand. I have a glass before bed and first thing before my feet hit the floor.
    That's 2 glasses of 8 right there!


  2. Yes, the best time to drink water is when you don't have to think about it. Keeping it handy is the only way today. Wish I had more water today; I forgot my water bottle at home when I left for the day. I really hate paying 3.50 for a bottle of mediocre water in plastic!