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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Eat to live and live with passion

What you’re about to read may contain inappropriate content for some individuals.  Viewer discretion is advised.

My sweet kitty, Tickles, is a passionate hunter.  She loves to kill and dismember voles (a mouse-like mole capable of destroying gardens) and leave me a “trophy” of blood and guts on my beautiful wool carpet in the office.

I have my own passion.  I love being part of my clients’ and students’ positive body transformations.  It isn’t just the body that benefits from these changes, their whole being becomes more positive.  And, most often it results in them finding their passions!  (Pictured above:  My passionate client and friend, Nikki, who started with me in April '08 and a year later lost 84 pounds and ran her first marathon.)

We tried to keep Tickles from hunting by keeping her inside at night.  But, in the morning when I woke and put her outside, she’d resume the hunt.  Hunting is her passion. There is nothing, except keeping her in the house day and night, that will keep her from killing vermin.

When we honor our passions, we are living our authentic life.  And when we live with this kind of authenticity we do not need to stuff our desire to live our passion with food.  When engrossed in your passion you eat when you are hungry; an ‘eat to live’ mentality.  

Think about it, if you lived passionately there wouldn’t be enough hours in the day to do what you love. Time would be more precious.  You wouldn’t think to take time away from your passion to mindlessly eat!

Now, go find YOUR PASSION!

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