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Thursday, February 17, 2011

The All-In-One Exercise

I call it the 'plank-dog', but in the yoga world it is called chataranga.  If you can tolerate the weight bearing on your wrists, it is by far the most comprehensive single exercise out there!

A.  Start in downward dog.  (You can do this on your elbows.)

B.  Move smoothly into plank.  Keep all of your muscles 'active'.

C.  Lower your body slowly, keeping elbows in and shoulders stable.

D.  Come up into cobra maintaining stability and form.

The 'plank-dog' is difficult!  Try B. and C. from your knees!

 What is your single favorite exercise?  If you only had five minutes to do something fitness related, what would you do?

Janet of The Gardner's Cottage asked us what is our perfect accessory.  I must say it is my Sergio Gutierez cuff.  But I also love my Cartier timepiece and my wedding ring!  If you get a chance, post your perfect accessory or, if you don't have a blog,  email it to Janet,


  1. Hmmm...plank dog would be a good one to do if I only had 5 minutes. Or a few sit ups for the abs and back.

  2. hi debra!

    i'm so excited that you posted your perfect form for this. i call it sun salutations. am i wrong? i love this exercise, you are right about it working the whole body all at once.

    and i love the cuff and timepiece together, so classic.


  3. Hi Janice, anything for the core is the best if given only five minutes. It is amazing what five minutes can do for our overall longevity!

    Hi Janet, Yes, it is sun salutation or a portion of. I love, love, love it and when on the road, it is my one and only! Thank you for your "perfect accessory" post as it narrowed down many items in my wardrobe for future business trips. Very thought provoking!

  4. Hi Debra,

    If I have only 5 minutes it is definitely crunches on the physio ball!


  5. Linda,
    I must say, sore abs are motivating!