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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Life Happens

"Life is what happens when you're busy making plans", are words from the lyrics to "Beautiful Boy (Darlin Boy)" by John Lennon.

It's true.

Life's difficulties and challenges are a part of the journey.  Attitude is a choice.  This image I captured of a painting by Grace Slick, gave me food for thought as I prepared to leave Orlando, exhausted.

Give to yourself as you would a loved one.  It helps my attitude when I take care of me.  I took today off to rest.  Had to cancel quite a few clients and usually that makes me feel badly.

"Choice"   by Grace Slick (Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson Starship lead singer.)

I feel great even though I haven't slept more than three hours in 30 hours.  I feel great because I am allowing myself to take some time to gently re-enter my regular routine.

How do you give give to yourself?


  1. I like to trim my "to-do" list when I need to give to myself - I'll just do what I absolutely have to do (make dinner, pick up the kid, etc) anything extra is just bonus.

    Glad you're back! Call me when you're rested....



  2. Good for you for taking a R&R day! I am very good about giving to myself these days. I think my favorite way of giving to myself is picking a yummy entree, something I would never make for myself, from the Whold Foods deli.