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Friday, November 5, 2010

23 Giorni per Adattarsi e Favoloso, Diventando Bodeci!

Bodeci is an attitude.  I have heard clients and students of mine refer to a recipe as being "very bodeci". Or a particular restaurant as being "bodeci approved".   "I bodecied the chocolate brownie recipe".  "I just bought a very bodeci outfit."

What isn't Bodeci?

Skinny is no fun
Slutty is overdone

Starving is unhealthy

Chic or stick?

Dieting is a racket!

How can you live more BODECI?

  • shift your attitude from need to gratitude
  • love with a bit more passion
  • lose expectations, gain inspiration
  • smile because it gives you an instant face lift
  • find your best attributes and show them off tastefully
  • laugh because it is sexy
  • make a positive difference in your world
  • moderately enjoy good food 
  • make the healthier choice at least 80% of the time
  • be generous with compliments to others and to yourself
  • move more than you sit during the day
  • make time for prescriptive exercise
  • make time for joy
  • be creative with food and movement

Live, Eat, Move Bodeci....  Tell me how you live more Bodeci


  1. Love this Bodeci list...especially the eating healthy 80% of the time. That's a good do-able and reasonable number.

  2. Great post Debra. All those uber-skinny celebs are sick - in body and mind. So sad that they chose to live that way.
    I would add "stand up straight, tall and proud" to the list. It's something I have to remind myself to do. When I do do it, I feel confident and oh so Bodeci.

    Love and kisses!

  3. Hi Debra,

    I agree, diets are a racket...I never "diet", if I gain a couple pounds I know what to do. Right now my weight is exactly where I like it. Hopefully I can keep it there during the holidays.

    Tara Reid looks like a stick with water balloons. And her botched liposuction...Yuck!


  4. Hey Debra-- what are those Bodeci restaurants? love to hear that post! Rebecca

  5. Hello Friends!
    On a small business trip for five days and just now had the chance to read my comments.

    Love this as part of the list. It is on for sure.

    You got it. Posting the restaurants and choices in upcoming post.

    You are so Bodeci!!

    You've been living Bodeci for many years now and it shows! You are a shining example..

  6. Love your list Debra, especially the third point. I'll be remembering that today.