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Monday, November 22, 2010

Here we go...3 Days to Fit and Fabulous!

How can it possibly be that the average weight gain through the holidays is approximately seven to ten pounds?

Fromage my fave!

It isn’t simply because of the extra parties we attend from November 19 through January 2.  Yes, this is six plus weeks of eggnog and pecan pie, baked Brie and pigs in a blanket, buttered mashed potatoes and giblet gravy, pumpkin pie and champagne, fondue and warm bread.  But, it isn’t those extra calories alone that make the “diet industry” welcome our New Years resolutions!

I could do without, but how about you?  Calories are in the eye of the beholder.

You see, we start eating a few more high-density calories and our bodies begin to get used to them.  “I’m being really good during the week, so how could I have gained three pounds since Friday?”  Because, you are eating a bit more on those non-party days but, because of the overload on party days, you think you are barely eating at all on non-party days.  All it takes is a few more mindless bites of this or that and you are on your way to a permanent seven-pound load on January 1.

"Oh what the heck, they love us anyway..."  (UH NO!)

So, rather than throw caution to the wind, how about making the commitment to stop eating party style while not at a party.  It is rather simple to cut your portions down by 20%, and then add 20% more vegetables to your plate or recipe.  Your eyes will see the same amount of food and studies have shown that when trying to lose weight, our bodies are more satisfied with volume, whether it is from lean and healthy veggies or French fries.  (There are about 450 calories in a 5-ounce portion of fries while there are only about 30 calories in a 5-ounce serving of most non-starchy veggies.)  
Fresh fruit smoothie.  Do it!

So, let’s set some ground rules for the holidays, shall we?

Whole wheat veggie and goat cheese pizza.  Yum!

  • ·      Load up on the veggies and cut back on the high-density foods like cheese, butter, meat, baked goods and even healthy nuts and nut butters!  
  • ·      Get rid of those high-density foods and give your guests “doggie-bags” to take home when you are entertaining.
  • ·      For every cocktail consumed at a party commit to drinking a full glass of water.
  • ·      Stay away from the appetizer table and sit in a comfy area so you are less apt to get up for MORE.
  • ·      Eat a high fiber mini meal before the party (avocado on whole grain bread with tomato and lettuce or beans on a tortilla with salsa and lettuce) so you are satisfied and not STARVED!
  • ·      Do not confuse exercise with calories consumed (“since I worked out, I can eat what I want”) but move with a bit more intensity and as often as possible.  Every little bit makes a difference.

Move it girl!  (Oh, and have fun!)

It is always the small and do-able shifts in our lifestyle that makes for a comfortable holiday body.  Bodeci says, “During the holidays, enjoy what you really want in moderation!  Then leave it alone and walk away.” 


  1. we went to our first holiday party last night and there was not one thing there for me to eat as a vegan! not one. let's just say cheese was the main ingredient of the night. i think i'll be ok through this season!

  2. Good advice, Deb! I spotted that wonderful word moderation in there. That's the key for me.

  3. God love you, Deb! You are the eternal optimist, and by golly -- you're downright contagious!

  4. Oh yes, you will be fine. What I didn't mention is: "try eating at least one vegan meal per day through the holidays." Shifts our minds from fromage to fantastic!

  5. Love it! Love the idea of one vegetable meal a day.

  6. You're the best, Deb. Thank you for keeping us in line during this time of year. It's easy to use the holidays as an excuse to indulge, indulge, indulge! I'm going to save my calories for what I really love and forget the rest.
    Love you!

  7. Rebecca,
    I love this one, too. Last night Randy and I ate at "Joe's of Westlake" on our way to the airport to pick up G. I had their sautéed spinach, which is one of my favorite dishes there. Randy got ravioli and calamri friti, more of my favorites, however, I only had a bite or two and was happy and satisfied!

    Thank you! I hope we can keep each other in check this season. I also do something else that is considered not very PC and that is to weigh myself regularly; if not daily at least every two to three days. When the scale bounces up, I scale back!
    Love you too!

  8. Thank you for a great post Debra. Getting into the right mindset is the perfect start. I use the excuse of 'I'm on holiday, therefore my diet is on holiday too'. It's fun for a few days and then I feel revolting (and look worse too). I have to remember it's not depriving myself to want to be slender and gorgeous.