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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Your Choice

Today is a new day and it is your choice on how it is experienced by you.

This is Tickle's my cat.  From the very beginning, she has lived on her terms.   Her reality is what she decides it is.

Yes, the world is what it is.  Most of what happens is beyond your control, but the way you see it is within your control.  You get to choose your experience.

Just for a moment suspend all doubt that you don't have control over your experience; your productivity, your weight or fitness level,  your personal power!  Guess what:  you have one hundred percent choice as to how you view yourself within in the world.

She's won the hearts of those who seemed resistant to her charms!  (Here with Jordan and Rocky)  Well, she is the most adorable little cat ever to be born!  No offense, that is just how she sees it.

Do you see yourself as the victim of circumstance?  Stop!  Look closely at what is really true and then transcend your negative thoughts and be present with what is and what is possible!

When you live life on your terms, true to yourself and your highest standards, it will not matter what is going on around you because you will be free to choose your experience and what you do with it.

"I am fantastic. aren't I."
You can choose to see opportunities and possibility.  You can imagine your ideal life and see what is needed in order to achieve it or you can moan and complain that you are a victim of circumstance.  All it takes is a nudge, a reminder, a shift in your attitude as to the way you see yourself within this world!

The choice is yours.


  1. After 43 years, I think I have finally started living the life that I want, on my terms, and with high standards. My hope is that it doesn't take my stepdaughter as long as it took me.
    Miss your cute face.



  2. A, I miss yours too! It took me longer than you! I think it is always a work in progress. An eighty-six year old gal at the show made this comment to me: I don't feel guilt, it's my life!

    Janice, Don't you know! xoxoxo

  3. I'm not sure who is the cutest - Jordan, Rocky, or Tickles. Tickles is small like our Erica (who also lives life on her terms)

    In most cases I think animals are waaaaaaaaaaaay better adjusted than we are.

  4. Adrienne,
    Oh Yeah! I've yet to meet a guilt ridden animal. There are times I wish I could be Tickles (or Rocky or Jordan for that matter!)

  5. Attitude is everything. When things aren't great, I often remind myself that I can laugh or cry, and that it is completely my choice!
    Thanks for an uplifting post--and with cat pictures! What's not to love?!

  6. Knit, I think both emotions, sometimes in tandem, are necessary for us to be human! We feel!!

  7. Thank you, Debra...a great post. I am inspired by your attitude and the simple straight-forward method of living a happy life. I, however, allow circumstances and trappings of the day to dictate my mood. I use to always have the most wonderful attitude. Does this mean I'm getting hard? Goodness I hope not. Peace!

  8. Debra, I also forgot to mention that on my 53 birthday this week my husband got me a fab weight bench with the leg things and weights. Rah Rah Shish Kum Ba!!! Just G R E A T, right? So -- I'll go slow, huh? I will look at the little chart that came with the "Gold's Gym" set and will work my way up. Sound good?

  9. So true Debra...And she's such a cute kit-katxx

  10. Hi Jan, Yes, go slow and learn something new every week. Give yourself permission to make your workouts very simple and in a year you will not believe how much you will learn and how much younger your body is! Sometimes we cant help becoming hardened. I think we can soften with age, too!

    Dear SE,
    She is the cutest little devil ever!