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Thursday, July 28, 2011

120 Days Later....

120 days ago today I made the decision to go alcohol free.  Free of alcohol?  Yes, free.

As a result:
  • I seem to have become a bit more creative.  I entered three pieces of my art in the Sonoma County Fair and received a first, second and a third place.  And I really enjoyed the creative process while I was painting these pieces.  
  • I feel improved sleep, digestion, skin, memory, energy and overall aging issues in general.
  • I feel more confident; I mean there is nothing like knowing I could be called on in an emergency late at night after a party.
  • I feel more available to my loved ones and more present in my daily routine.
  • I feel powerful as a role model to my children and others.
  • No longer have the "monkey-on-my-back" syndrome.  ("Did I say something stupid last night?  What did so-and-so say again?  I wouldn't be feeling like this if I didn't have that last drink at the party.  Oh, gawd!  Did I really do such-and-such?"
  • I do not count calories.
  • Feel a bit leaner around my waist and face. 
  • Love seeing the bright whites of my eyes when I wake early (feeling refreshed and not groggy).
  • I cannot dull the anxiety of stress from my roles in life and relationships (with the wonder drug of America!)
  • Have learned to cope with the hard edges of life with a new found attitude; I like myself and and I do not need to fix everything right now.  I am OK today!
  • I am more calm.
  • I am more patient.
  • I am more forgiving of myself and others.
  • I bounce back from my monthly, long (airports, cancelled flights, delays, on my feet non-stop) weekend, travels seamlessly and ready to train and teach upon my return.
  • Feel a new high!  Clear energy!

I have become a fan of the San Francisco Giant's.  Now Randy wants me to go with him to the games.
He is still far more intense and into the actual game.  I like the personalities of the players...and the food!
This time last year I was thinking about cutting back on my drinking.  I thought perhaps 4 ounces of wine a day (for health purposes) would be the way to go.  I think I thought the same thing a year before that and even the year before that.  An on and on.  I do not judge the moderate drinker (or the heavy drinker, for that matter) because I know how much a part of our lives alcohol is, especially here in the wine country!   And, a drink or two is considered "good for you".  (Adrienne, of the Rich Life on a Budget, wrote about her personal experience with A-Fib and it's relationship to alcohol.)

I also know the flip side of the overall "benefits" of drinking alcohol.  We are all different in what we want for ourselves and how we spend our time on this earth.  And we will change our priorities with age.  Alcohol simply ceased to work for me anymore.  It became more of a nuisance than a pleasure.  

I never thought I had a problem with alcohol and I still do not think I had a problem with it.  I didn't go through withdrawals or anything physically uncomfortable, but I did go through a period where I had to make the conscious choice to not drink.  It wasn't that difficult and it is really OK if it were occasionally.  I don't have to be comfortable all the time.  


  1. Please take some photos of your paintings. I'd love to see them. Congratulations that is awesome! I'm so happy you are feeling happy & well!

  2. I love your insight and widsom.

  3. An inspiring list...sounds like you've entered a new stage in your life path.

    Go Giants!

  4. Congratulations to you, A great decision - Beautiful things happening. I want to follow in your footsteps soon...

  5. Hi Deborah!!!! Yes, it is a really healing period for me. I say that as if I needed it, but I think we all do. Every now and then, we can be self absorbed without being selfish. Does that make sense. Just need to be and do what feels like a break. I will take some photos, but they are at the fair. The Kraft building. As you walk in on the left about eye level, are two of mind. Then frther down on the left is the one I did of Rocky and Boomer. xoxox

    Thank you Kathleen!

    I feel like you have seen me entering a new stage in my life path since we first met!! It is all a part of the journey. xox

  6. I agree and experience everything you have mentioned on your list (except for the art part, although I am trying out new creative hobbies these days). I am happy that we have each other to talk to about this journey and new way of life. I am exactly 60 days behind you - funny.
    xo, A

  7. Hi Debra,

    It's great to see you back blogging again! :)

    Although I haven't given up alcohol like you and Adrienne, I have cut back recently. Instead of wine every night maybe it's 4 nights a week. I'm also paying more attention to the amount, I'm sticking to a 4 oz. glass now. I noticed I'm not so tired after dinner!

    120 days is admirable...I know it takes discipline but it sounds like you have reaped many benefits from your new lifestyle. It's nice that you and Adrienne have each other for support.


  8. Thanks for sharing this. I've been considering doing the same. I gave up alcohol for Lent this year and have been considering giving it up again. After reading the benefits you and Adrienne have experienced (and the health risks Adrienne posted about), I think this is something I need to do again.

  9. Hi A, There is a book called "A Woman's book of Creativity" by C Diane Ealy Ph.D. and she mentions that women do not do as well creatively speaking when they have had alcohol. The way I look at it, I have had my share!

    Hi Linda and Cherie! So great to hear from you both again. Who knows if this is a lasting thing or just a junction to cutting way back. All I know is I like where I am now. xoxo