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Friday, January 14, 2011

The Trainer Seeks a Trainer

Adrienne demonstrating one of my favorite exercises, the simple squat using one of my favorite pieces of equipment, the TRX Suspension Trainer

 When my friend and fellow blogger, Adrienne and I decided to get together for brainstorming, I never realized how darn productive it would be.  A few years ago, Adrienne and I taught a group fitness class together just after she had become a certified fitness trainer.  While she had always been interested in fitness, she soon realized that training wasn’t her cup of tea.

Look at this form!  Elbows at a ninety degree angle at her lowest point and her shoulders are stable even when she pushes back up to fully extended arms.
The push-up, as performed by Adrienne, is one of the most effective upper body exercises and most convenient!
I have been a fitness professional for many years and, like most who’ve been doing the same thing for a long time, have been feeling a bit stale.  I told Adrienne I wanted her feedback from the perspective of a client, and one who knows my profession, on some of my exercise and training techniques.  She was all for it as she, too, had a need that I could help her with; to get her fitness “groove” back. 
The leg shoot is a great exercise for strengthening the hips and outer thigh.  She smiles through her pain!  Just remember point the knee towards the floor then extend the leg with the toe pointing towards the seem of the ceiling.

The result is a great trade off: she gets the resistance training, flexibility and core work she wants (sorry, it is really hard to inflict quality pain on yourself like a trainer can do!) and I am getting valuable feedback from her unique perspective.

She can't smile the whole time!  Yep, the lunge is fantastic for  the butt and thighs and can be performed on the floor or on a step for versatility!
Adding biceps curls and this exercise goes places!
What was my lesson today?  I learned that there is always something new our bodies crave in the form of variety.  Most often it takes a professional to show us what that is.  It could be a new twist on a standard exercise or a more comprehensive approach to create a desired result.  Our bodies are meant to be challenged and every so often, with something brand new!

She is focused!
The triceps dip is another excellent arm exercise as it tones and strengthens the backs of our arms.  Remember to exhale with effort!  And Smile!
It helped me to understand how important my profession is.  I discovered my creative trainer self again and I saw how the challenges I presented to Adrienne had given her a new sense of passion with her fitness program.  

So, I am looking forward to seeing her regularly for training.  She trains the trainer in me by being the client that needs my services!  How simple is that?!


  1. What a great workout that was. My hamstrings and triceps are still a good way.

    I appreciate that we can help one another find inspiration, but I can't help but feel as though I'm getting the better end of the deal!

    You are such a motivating force in many areas of my life....not just fitness and health. Thank you, dear friend.

    I'm already getting excited about next week's workout!

    Big Hug,


  2. Believe me girl, it takes all of our talents to create quality people! Love you!

  3. Oh -- how exciting that I know both of you! I think you make an awesome pair! That looked like a bit more than "brainstorming" though!

  4. A win-win situation, that's for sure!

  5. Oooh, this sounds like a delightful symbiotic deal! I sometimes forget that some of the simplest exercises work the best. My problem seems to be that I build muscle easily, but I'd rather become more flexible (something fairly easy for me, thankfully) and tone.

  6. Hi Jan! Nice to hear from you. Yup, I get to "brainstorm" and Adrienne gets to be my test pilot!

    It sure is a win-win, Janice!

    Hi Kalee,
    I have a few clients that, like you, build muscle quickly. I usually will employ lighter weights when doing resistance training and never take them to full exhaustion. Often I will weave muscle training between cardiovascular exercise, such as jump rope or hula-hoop.