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Thursday, January 20, 2011

365 Days Ago

Helen has just entered her second year with me.  Well, actually, we performed my assessments, took photos and did a goal setting, her first actual workout with me wasn't until January 29, 2010.

                      Notice anything different in these two photos?
                                                          Taken yesterday.
January 13, 2010

Helen said to me that she now knows for sure that anyone can achieve amazing results from a few small and doable changes in their lifestyle.  "The key is to not give up!  You don't 'blow it' anymore.  It isn't that I don't enjoy my favorite goodies anymore, I do! (She me!) It's just that I don't beat myself up anymore.  If I'm going to have a brownie, I sit down and truly enjoy very single bite.  The change for me is that since I am no longer depriving myself, I don't crave foods emotionally.  I can eat anything I want, and that is the key, to want something doesn't mean you have to stuff yourself with it.  Now I can have a few bites of cake and feel indulgent!" 

"I cannot believe these used to fit me!"
Helen has been a nurse for more than 35 years.  As a 'caretaker' to so many, she neglected taking care of herself.

"I have so much i can do now!  What is it all about?
It's all about choices.  One step at a time, I never looked back!"

I was going to list all of her stats for you from when we started to current.  It isn't important.  What is important is her personal joy at knowing she is doing something positive for herself and enjoying the journey!

What small and doable change can you make to your current lifestyle?  What has worked for you and what hasn't?  I am curious to hear your story!


  1. I've met Helen, as you introduced us, and she is a vibrant and energetic woman who just beams with happiness. She looks great and you can tell she feels great, too.

    What can I do to improve my health? Probably get off this laptop more often and get some fresh air and Vitamin D!



  2. wowsa! that is so awesome. she looks great and i bet, more importantly she feels great.

    i think my biggest secret to lasting good health has been consistency. i might miss a day here and there or eat the wrong thing here and there but overall being consistent with what works for me has been my key to success. i just turned 53 and still feel like i'm 33. i don't look it but i feel it and that is an excellent gauge to my health.

    what an inspiring post.



  3. Hi A,
    I know, she does feel great and that's what it is all about.

    Hi Janet,
    You and I are 53! Like you, I don't feel it. I am an advocate for beauty as defined by our own personal best. Best doesn't mean perfect. And what kind of life would we have if we robotically did everything "right". (It isn't easy for people to agree as to exactly what "right" is anyway!)

    Thanks Adrienne and Janet!

  4. Helen is an inspiration!

    As for me, I am still working on taking off the holiday 5 pounds. More exercise, smaller portions always work for me; but I am having a hard time motivating myself lately. However, the sunshine is helping!

  5. Congratulations to Helen. She looks so fit and happy! I'm thrilled to see the changes she incorporated into her life actually worked for her. Way to go, Helen! You are an inspiration!!!

  6. Jan and Jan! Inspiration for sure! Thanks for your comment!

  7. Helen looks so great!!! And she did it with just making some life changes which is the only way to go. (plus you as her trainer) :)

    I realized I was consuming too many nuts, which are packed with calories. I put walnuts in my cereal, nuts in a salad or main dish and a handful here and there. I decided to cut way back and my weight is exactly where I want it now and I made it through the holidays even without gaining anything. Just a little change but what a difference! (But I still miss the walnuts in my cereal) :(


  8. Yay Helen!! That is wonderful and it is so great to be able to look back at those photos.

    I am part of an online website devoted mostly to weight loss but also just good living. One thing they recommend is to try and do streaks in your life. So like if you want to exercise more try to see how many days you can ____ many of minutes of exercise. I started logging my exercise last year and ended the year with over 11,000 exercise minutes for 2010!! Close to 1000 minutes per month. That is what I am shooting for this year.
    I absolutely have 10 minutes in any day that I can do something but what I shoot for is at least 30 minutes every day of conscious exercise (term from Dr. Phil).

    I did not loose much weight last year b/c I did not have my food and eating under control but just being able to put that exercise habit into daily (almost daily) practice has allowed me to continue it and now I am really working on my food and hopefully dropping some pounds this year.

    Thanks Deb!! Love you. I am sore!

  9. Linda,
    I know! It is the small and doable that net the big results! Way to go! (Or should I say "weigh" to go?)

    I love this idea! I think it makes us so much more aware when we can track our exercise and perhaps for every so many minutes you receive points towards a desired reward. And I know first hand what those 11,000 hours look like on you. I am sure they feel even better!