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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Change is the only absolute.

It is sort of comforting to hear that.  Change can be kind of scary like when moving to a foreign country or going through a divorce. But if we want to change for the better, it is a good thing.  I guess if we want something bad enough, we'd be willing to change those patterns of our behavior that has lead us to our current outcome.  If the current outcome is starting to look shabby, change is the only absolute!  It will either get worse or it will get better.  We get to choose.

I dislike (immensely) dealing with financial matters.  Whether it is all that confusing small print from the declarations of some financial institution (see, even the word institution sounds so uninviting!) or balancing the household checkbook (which is often confused with my business account), I have severe avoidance issues.  But, the only way I will be able to one day have financial freedom one and financial confidence today, is to start crossing off those financial "to-do's" from my list, now!  I need to make the last thing I want to do the first thing I do!

The truth is, I want to know where I stand financially and I really want to understand things like investment portfolios and IRA's, and why I can't seem to have a consistent increase my retirement accounts.  (Actually, I'd welcome a stable balance!)

So, I did the last thing I wanted to do on my list, I paid my bills, de-cluttered my pile of bank info and anything that wasn't important I tossed.  Now I take a break to blog, another item on my list.  Done.

Next, I'm going to finish that online fitness seminar to complete my certification requirements.  (Ughhhhh....oops! new attitude!  I'm going to do it!)

OK, I'd better get on it.


  1. It feels good to get the unpleasant stuff out the way. I try to do that sometimes too. Otherwise I keep putting it off forever.

  2. Debra,

    I'm the world's worst procrastinator...I always work better under pressure. But it is always a great feeling to get all that stuff accomplished.

    I heard from a certain someone there is a possibility I may meet you next week when I'm in Sonoma!


  3. Thanks guys,
    And as I read your comments, I am looking at the accounting I needed to have done at the end of July! Oh well!

    I sure hope I can meet you, Linda, I start (believe it or not) school next week. It would be so great to meet you face to face, I feel I already know you!!

  4. I found the book "Eat That Frog" by Brian Tracy addresses the issue of choosing to avoid the things that matter most, or are at least necessary. He says to eat the biggest frog first so that the rest of the day can be enjoyed, without guilt of not tackling the top priority first. Great read!