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Sunday, December 5, 2010

In Atlanta with John Lennon

He was a complex man.  Being around his art and music this weekend was an inspirational blast that exploded my narrow imagination.  I truly believed I had an expansive, elevated and deep capacity for imagination, but, day by day my mind opened and my narrowness was exposed to me.  I, now, believe I will never be able to sit in total comfort of being.  I will need constant and challenging exploration of my mind through the examination of an other's.


  1. Atlanta! And time with John Lennon's art. Sounds like heaven to me...I am such a fan. There have recently been some interesting shows on PBS to honor what would have been his 70th birthday. One, with Yoko, was particularly special. Did you see it, by any chance?

    Yes, yes, yes to a "light" lunch once we get done with the holidays.

  2. Remember his "sleep ins"? I think that's what it was called -- where he and Yoko stayed in bed fasting to protest war and "give peace a chance"? Truly an amazing time in recent history, and so compelling to see it through John's eyes. Two of my children recently had the opportunity to see Paul's last concern in Kansas City, and said it was life-changing. Wow -- did we have talent in our generation or what?

  3. Also -- I remember that I had FRONT ROW SEATS for Bob Dylan's concern in St. Louis. Amazing memories which come flooding back to me thanks to you post.

  4. Janice, I was in heaven and there is so much about the man I didn't know and find so fascinating. so many blame Yoko for "breaking up the Beatles, but truth is, he was miserable with the publics "ownership" of him and she recognized this. She simply encouraged him to be authentic.

    Jan, You got that right...our generation had so much talent. Lucky for yourkids to have gotten to see Paul and lucky for you to have FRONT ROW seats to Dylan. How, in the heck did you manage that!?